Total Gym 2000 Review

Total Gym 2000

Last updated: August 9th, 2016

Home fitness buffs may be familiar with the original Total Gym strength building machine.It’s one of our top picks of the best home gym for this year. In recent years the makers behind the Total Gym created the Total Gym 2000, a workout machine that is ideal for those looking to get optimal physical results without breaking the bank. The Total Gym 2000 uses a combination of the user’s own body weight as resistance and an adjustable incline to build strength and increase endurance while burning calories. The current price on Amazon is $434.98 with free shipping. For the cost of a few months of a local gym membership, this home gym can provide an excellent workout as well as the convenience of owning a quality fitness machine at home.

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Best Features:

  • Affordable – Priced at under $500, this is an incredibly economical way to get in shape
  • Easy to Store – The unit folds flat so it can easily be stored under a bed or tucked away out of sight
  • Suitable for Most Fitness Levels – The Total Gym 2000 works with a system of pulleys and cables, making it adaptable for a wide range of people
  • Provides a Full Body Workout – Effective strength training for all major muscle groups

The Good

Total Gym 2000 Front ViewThe best feature of the Total Gym 2000 is that it provides an effective, full body workout for the fraction of the cost of a gym membership or a higher level machine.
In time, when the exercises become too easy, it’s easy to increase the resistance by adjusting the incline of the machine. There is no need to purchase a different machine; this one can meet many fitness needs.

Along with its affordability, this machine offers a unique workout experience, utilizing the user’s own body weight to sculpt lean muscle mass. When a body’s percentage of lean muscle mass increases, it is more easily able to burn body fat and calories, leading to a slimmer, healthier body.

The convenience of having an all in one workout machine at home goes without question. Another benefit of this model is that it is incredibly easy to store. When folded up, it measures 19 inches wide x 7 inches tall x 51 inches long. Its compact size makes it easy to take out for a quick workout, then put out of sight for the rest of the day.

This full body gym is unique in that it can be used by people of varying fitness levels. Those brand new to exercise and those who workout regularly will both be challenged and see results after a short period of time.

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The Bad

There are 2 main drawbacks to the Total Gym 2000, with one able to be easily remedied. The first drawback is that this workout machine can only support a person who weighs up to 250 pounds. Those who are above this weight limit will need to find a different machine that is able to properly support them.

The other drawback is the fact that this is a bare bones machine and accessories and extra add on parts need to be purchased separately. While this may be a complaint by some Total Gym 2000 owners, it is a benefit to others. The ideal person to purchase this machine is one who is looking for an economical, simple to use and straightforward exercise machine. This home gym does not require any additional parts or pieces; it provides an effective workout exactly as it comes.

The Verdict

Total Gym 2000 Folded ViewOverall, the Total Gym 2000 is a smart investment that provides an effective full body workout. Results can be seen quickly when engaging in a resistance based workout routine, such as the one that this unit provides. There is no need to outfit a home with multiple machines and free weights when this home gym does the work of them all.

The Total brand has been well known and recommended for decades. This model does not disappoint. The few drawbacks that can be found for this machine are greatly overshadowed by all of its benefits. It is a simple machine that fits easily in the home, is easy on the wallet and provides an effective workout.

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