Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Exercise Bike

The Schwinn AD6 Airdyne is designed for users to enjoy a vigorous cardiovascular workout from home that exercises both the upper and lower body. Using synchronized handlebars, the exercise bike simultaneously works out both arms and legs. This means that users can enjoy an optimized workout that truly pushes the heart and lungs to grow stronger. For users trying to lose weight, optimal calorie burn can be achieved by using an exercise bike that supports this functionality. Additionally, technology has been built into this exercise bike to enable users to accurately monitor their performance throughout their workout.

Manufactured by Schwinn, this exercise bike incorporates expertise gained through more than 100 years of specializing in the bicycle industry. As part of this, Schwinn was careful to include features that simulate riding a regular bicycle. When users increase their speed, the bike will automatically increase the resistance of the pedals until users have reached their optimal difficulty level. This means that users will not need to worry about manually changing these settings while riding the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne exercise bike.

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  • Workout the Entire Body: Most exercise bikes only allow users to exercise their legs while working out. With this system, users can simultaneously exercise both their upper and lower bodies.
  • Automatic Resistance Adjustments: Resistance levels can be automatically varied by the machine as users increase their speed.
  • Monitor 6 Metrics: The LCD display included with this exercise bike simultaneously outputs six different workout metrics that users can carefully watch to monitor their performance. Statistics like speed, distance, calories burned, and more can all be watched carefully while working out.
  • Water Bottle Holder: While a smaller feature, an extra water bottle holder ensures that users will always have fresh water within arm’s reach.
  • Transport Wheels: In a perpetual quest to save on costs, many manufacturers today are cutting costs by leaving essential transport wheels out. Users will remember the importance of these wheels every time they effortlessly roll the exercise bike across the floor.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Although the chest strap for the heart rate monitor is not included, it has the built-in functionality to support a heart rate monitor. For users who want this feature, this allows more more accurate calorie burn statistics.

The Good

Schwinn AD6 Airdyne Console DisplayThe technology included with this exercise bike is its strongest point. The LCD display simultaneously outputs helpful statistics about distances traveled, current RPM, average speed, and much more. Users who purchase the additional heart rate monitor strap will be able to track this information with even greater accuracy. In addition to accuracy improvements, the heart rate monitor can help users who struggle with heart conditions to stay within safe BPM levels.

This exercise bike is considered to be the best product in Schwinn’s Airdyne lineup. It includes all of the features found in the lower models with additional features to make it even better. As part of this, the manufacturer has warranted the entire exercise bike for a full three years. Additionally, the frame itself is warranted for an incredible 15 years. Compared to the AD4 that has just a one-year warranty, this product has substantial advantages on the basis of longevity. Supporting up to 300 pounds, it holds up well even for users who are trying to get started losing weight.

Schwinn even includes features with this exercise bike designed to help users feel more comfortable while working out. The seat is large and padded to provide optimal comfort for general home workouts. Since the handlebars are synchronized with the pedals, users will feel balanced while working out on the machine. This feature also makes the exercise bike safer to use in the long-run as it will work to minimize the possibility of problems like arthritis or torn ligaments.

The product itself weights 115 pounds. This provides stability while ensuring that it remains mobile for usage around the home. For extra convenience, Schwinn includes transport wheels to make the product easily portable around the house. This is convenient when moving or just rearranging a home. When not in use, the product is designed to have a natural look that blends in with a home’s environment.

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The Bad

As a product designed for general home use, it is unfortunate that the reading rack is not included with this bike. Although it is sold separately, many buyers would probably expect to see it included on the best of the Airdyne bikes. This is especially true with the heart monitor, a product that must be purchased separately. However, this does protect users who would not utilize these features from paying extra for features they do not plan to use. While unfortunate, this is certainly the reason that Schwinn chose to leave these products out as optional accessories.

For serious athletes, the padded seat might be a problem. During long and strenuous workouts, padded seats can cause soreness and even blisters. Although they are more comfortable for general home users, athletes will probably not like this seat. To compensate for this, Schwinn made the seats interchangeable with standard bicycle seats.

The Verdict

Man riding the Schwinn AD6Overall, the Schwinn AD6 Airdyne exercise bike provides good value as Schwinn’s top Airdyne product. Although it may not come attuned to the preferences of every user, the product offers optional accessories to adapt to individual needs. With built-in technology, the product provides users with constant feedback to help them monitor their workout. The bike can even help users by assisting them with preset workout plans designed to achieve specific athletic goals.

Designed specifically for use around the home, this product looks great even when it is not in use. Whether looking to lose weight or training for a marathon, this exercise bike has something to offer for anyone.

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