Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

Schwinn A10 Upright Bike

The highly rated Schwinn A10 Upright Bike, 2013 model, is an inexpensive, upright exercise bike that Schwinn produced to help people stay fit, healthy, and active. Originally manufactured in 2010, the newest version of the A10 has been improved to better suit your workout needs. This light-weight, computer-controlled exercise bike supports up to 275 pounds and features seven challenging work-out programs. Designed to provide a comfortable work-out, the Schwinn A10 is made with adjustable T-knob handle bars, platform pedals integrated with a feet leveling mechanism, and a two-speed fan that adds a light breeze during workouts.

The bike also includes an innovative Quickstart program and eight stimulating levels of Eddy Current magnetic resistance to help your workouts deliver results every time. Other features include speakers for your MP3 player, a grip sensor monitor that tracks your pulse, transport wheels that allow you to move the bike with ease, and a belt drive system and weighted flywheel for a smooth, quiet ride. Inexpensively priced on for $197.00 with free shipping, the Schwinn upright exercise bike is an easy to assemble workout bike that provides a safe, satisfying work-out.

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Best Features:

  • Easy to read LCD display that keeps track of your speed, time, distance, heart rate, calories, and RPM
  • 7 exercise programs and 8 levels of magnetic resistance to keep novices or seasoned workout buffs motivated and challenged
  • Grip sensor pulse monitor
  • Flexibility to program a personalized workout or use preset programs
  • Compact design and sturdy frame
  • Smooth, quiet ride that simulates riding a bike outdoors

The Good

Schwinn A10 Display ConsoleThe A10 is an affordable exercise bike that is easy to put together and to program. It is a great choice for low impact exercise, weight loss training, or physical therapy. Riding is efficient and effortless, so users can focus on their training and motivate themselves to devote more time to feeling and looking great.

Despite its lightweight frame, this product is made to hold several body types and weights up to 275 pounds. The durability of the A10 is reassuring to elderly users, overweight people, “weekend warriors,” and experienced exercisers, so each can continue to work out without fear of the bike falling apart. Peddling is easy on the joints and ears because this Schwinn comes equipped with a high-inertia flywheel. This means that you get the feeling of pedaling outdoors without the whirring and whining noises of mechanical pedals rotating. Now you can watch a long movie or listen to your favorite songs and workout even longer.

Schwinn understands that people who work out like to keep track of how close they are to reaching their fitness goals, so they designed this model with a large LCD console that provides you with feedback. At the touch of a button, how fast and how far you have run, how many calories you have burned, and how long your workout has lasted appear on the screen. Also, the heart rate sensor in the handlebars alerts riders when they need to take a break.

An array of exercise options is always a plus. The resistance settings and the various exercise programs help keep boredom away and allow users to pace themselves while challenging them to move on to the next program level.

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The Bad

Nearly, all of the customer reviews on the A10 are favorable. All of the complaints that were posted state, the seat needs more cushion and adjustability. This complaint is understandable because biking for any period of time in a hard seat is uncomfortable. Other customers stated that once they purchased an additional seat cover, the discomfort disappeared. Other issues that came up are:

  • The low frame may be uncomfortable for riders who are close to the exercise bike’s weight limit.
  • An AC power adapter should be packaged with the bike because it consumes the battery charge very quickly.
  • The A10 is not made for strenuous workouts, and the pedals become worn after constant use.
  • The LCD dashboard display should be made with a backlight, which enables users to read their workout statistics better.

The Verdict

Woman pedaling the Schwinn A10 Upright BikeIf you are on a budget, but want to purchase a quality exercise bike that will not wind up in your storage unused, the Schwinn A10 is a sound choice. The bike can be assembled in less than an hour, and it does not take up a lot of space. The multiple settings set the A10 apart from the other exercise bikes in its price range, and the ergonomic design helps put you in “workout mode.” The sturdy frame suggests that the bike can be used for years. Just to make sure users get the most out of their A10s, the bike comes with a manufacturer’s warranty: the frame is covered for two years, and the parts and electronics are covered for six months.

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