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15 Perfect Gifts For The Fitness Freak In Your Life

By Rick Hadderman / September 26, 2016

Shopping is always tricky. It's especially tricky when the person you're shopping for, be it yourself or a loved one, is  someone who loves to travel, be active and fitter, or is looking at losing some unwanted weight. The choice can be overwhelming.  So, we thought we'd help out. We collected the coolest fitness gadgets that any fitness lovers or outdoor adventurers will go nuts for. Whether it's losing weight, increasing your daily activity, making your trips to the gym easier or allowing you to skip the gym for a home workout or outdoor activities, we've got you covered.

So, below is our review of some of the best fitness gadgets and items out there at the moment. Our comprehensive guide should help you when searching for something special for a special someone or if you're just looking to spend some of that hard-earned money on yourself.​

Happy shopping...​

Waterproof Fiber Socks

Whether it's trudging through the snow, stepping in a puddle, or maneuvering through lakes and rivers, wet feet and cold weather don't make for very comfortable travelling. These waterproof socks not only make the winter months a little more comfy, but can also be essential for those outdoor adventures and activities. For a cost-friendly option, these are a great functional purchase.

Full Face Snorkeling Mask

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but if you know of someone who is planning a sunny holiday or a trip to the beach, this full face snorkel mask is a great choice. The full face design allows for a greater field of vision than conventional goggle designs when exploring the deep blue sea and reduces fogging of the lens, meaning you can get more out of your scuba diving experience.

Balance Board

If you know somebody trying to work on their core or just looking for a challenging workout, a balance board is a cheap alternative to most home-based gym equipment. It can be used to target the abdominals, legs or upper body and can very easily be integrated into any home-based workout. It's cost-efficient, time-efficient and user-friendly. Win-win-win! 

Full Body Resistance Training Suit

For the more hardcore athletes, looking to increase strength and power, this full body resistance training suit allows you to take a full-body workout device anywhere. It costs a bit more than your average piece of gym gear, but with different color bands offering different resistance levels, it is both scalable and portable, allowing for a great piece of training equipment that can be used to improve sports performance all year round. 

Flexible Lunch Box

New diets is easily one of the most common elements of new year resolutions. Unfortunately, it's also one of the toughest. Preparing and storing meals can be a tricky endeavour. Luckily,  this flexible lunch box makes it a little bit easier to follow your new nutritional plans. With an air tight seal and lightweight fabric, this lunchbox is ideal for storing any meal; hot or cold and is a great stocking stuffer for nutrition enthusiasts and gym-goers with a busy lifestyle.

Water Bottle With Secret Compartment

One of the biggest grievances of new gym members has to be navigating and paying for gym lockers. It can be a drudgery shelling out mopre cash and taking an extra trip to the locker room just to keep your valuables safe. This water bottle makes these problems a non-issue with a spacious compartment that's ideal for holding car keys, cash or credit cards. It's also quite durable and can sustain a few falls so for some of your friends who are complaining about gym lockers or forgetting their keys on their way to gym, this could be a useful purchase. 

Wearable Camping Sleeping Bag

Camping can be a great way to spend your spring. But this can require a long list of necessary equipment in order for you to enjoy the great outdoors. Luckily, when it comes to keeping warm and having something to sleep in, this wearable sleeping bag helps reduce your list of necessities. Acting as a snug full body outfit for cold climates and a durable sleeping bag, this allows greater portability and an easier time planning camping trips. For campers, this camping tool would make a great addition for their travel kit.

Six Pack Abs Training Gear

When taking  time away from the gym, losing those chiseled abs is a very real fear for gym-goers. With this Ab-Trainer, which uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, technology, you can give your abdominals a good workout wherever you go, and without needing any extra equipment. It even allows you to self-adjust the intensity for continued progress. So, if someone's goal is to tone up their mid-section, this can offer a time-efficient way of getting there.

Outdoor Elliptical Bike

Elliptical machines have been praised for offering a joint-friendly low-impact alternative to treadmill running. The only problem is that both choices confine you to a gym. With this elliptical bike, you can now experience a lower impact outdoor exercise while still getting the benefits of running. With a lightweight and portable design, this bike is also ideal for travellers looking for a unique form of exercise.

Activity And Sleep Tracking Watch

Lack of functionality is a common complaint among watch critics. This handy gadget dispels those critics by tracking your daily steps, sleep, calories burned through exercise and total distance travelled. It also has a sleek and modern design, making it fashionable as well as functional. So, if you're shopping for a watch-lover or fitness enthusiast, this may be ideal. 

Treadmill Workstation

I think that most people will agree that the biggest obstacle to staying active is work commitments. It's where we spend most of our day after all, and all that sitting can not only affect your health, but studies show it can impact your mood and quality of work. With a treadmill workstation you can balance your work and exercise commitments by shedding some extra calories while working on those projects and meeting deadlines. This is certainly one of the more expensive options, but for those who have a hectic work life it might just be the perfect option. 

Strip Suspension Training Kit

New year resolutions and gym memberships go together like peanut butter and jelly. But, these memberships can be expensive and some might prefer to get their workouts in at home, or on the go. The Strip Suspension Trainer makes a full body workout easy to do wherever you are, no matter your experience or strength level. The foam handles and lightweight straps make it portable and comfortable to use. So, for any loved one complaining about those expensive gym contracts, or looking at travelling in the new year, a suspension trainer is a great choice.

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale

Information is power, and with Fitbit's smart scale, you'll get plenty of it. The Aria scale uses bio-electrical impedance technology to measure and track your weight, body fat, muscle and water content. It then logs all this information right on your smartphone, which also pairs with their wristband, or can show you on its built-in monitor. When it comes to tracking your progress towards your goals, this scale can be an invaluable tool, especially when you want to keep an eye on those calories over the year. 

Underwater Headphones

For any serious swimmer out there, or just cardio enthusiasts switching their running shoes for a pair of swimming to during the winter months, logging in those miles in the pool can be a trial. With these underwater earphones, which use bone-conducting technology to play your music, you can keep your mind occupied and your intensity high by adding your favorite songs to your pool workouts. Training playlists are no longer just for the gym. 

Solar Backpack

For those thinking a little further ahead than the winter and spring seasons, or spending their time in sunnier climates, this Solar Backpack is a great buy for outdoor adventure lovers. I think nearly every outdoor fitness enthusiast has experienced the dreaded single-digit battery percentage popping up at the the top of your screen. With the Solar Backpack you can pack your essentials, while making sure your electronics stay charged. Just stay out of the shade. 

Adjustable dumbbells

If you're shopping for a home-gym then free weights are always a pre-requisite. Except if you, or the special someone in mind, is looking to scale up their workout, or take the weight down to pump out some more reps, that usually requires purchasing a lot of different weight sets, which can get very expensive. The adjustable dumbbells shown above not only elminate the need to buy multiple pairs of weights, but also greatly speed up your workout by dereasing the time needed to change the weight. These dumbbells work off of a simple pin-and-slot system. Simply place the pins in the slot marked for the weight you want, or rotate the dial to the selected weight and lift out of the frame. Quick, easy and cost-effective!

The smart basketball that coaches you

If you or someone you know is an avid basketball player or even a basketball coahc, this is a great purchase. This smart basketball hooks up to your phone via bluetooth and measures metrics such as number of bounces, number of shots, and can even tell you which hand is dominant in your plays. It is quick to charge and very durable, with the ability to last through many games and give you the full breakdown of your technique and play style.

Smoothie Maker That Blends Right Into Your Sports Bottle

A great option for the kitchen for those looking for an easy and time-friendly way to get their nutrition in, this smoothie maker can be used to mix vegetebles, fruits or a combination of foods and with a removable container that acts as a portable shaker it will help make anybody's new year resolution diets a little bit easier.

App-Controlled Bike Lock

If you're planning on travelling a lot over the coming months and planning a few outdoor biking activities, security can be concern. This app controlled bike lock connects right to your phone and is made of hardened steel to help protect against chain cutters. It also has a taper siren that sends alerts straight to your phone to let you know if somoene is attempting to remove or damage the lock. While a little pricier than most conventional locks, the added safety and connectivity makes this an ideal choice for those looking to protect their bicycles. 


This gadget certainly needs no introduction, with the FitBit reaching fitness fame over the last few years, this bracelet-like device hooks up to your phone to track your sleep, daily activity, calories burned and even alerts you if you've been sitting too long. For those of all ages looking to get more active the FitBit has become a staple fitness gadget around fitness freak's wrists. If this gadget is not already a part of your kit bag it is definitely worth consideration.

Waterproof speaker

Hard workouts mean a lot of sweat, which in turn means quite a few showers. Whether in the gym or at home, this portable bluetooth, waterproof speaker can help make those showers even more enjoyable by being able to play your favorite songs, even allowing you to cnage songs or pause from the speaker itself, all without having to worry about getting your phone or tablet wet and allowing you to sing along to your favorite tunes.

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