XMark XM-4434 Power Tower

Xmark XM-4434 Power Tower

Homeowners who have decided to assemble a home gym are often looking for compact, lightweight equipment that will help them work multiple muscle groups and complete a well-rounded workout each day of the week. This often means finding the right balance of cardio and strength training equipment, as well as equipment that can leverage the fitness power of body weight exercises.

The XMark XM-4434 Power Tower is designed to give home gym owners the equipment they need to use bodyweight while working their triceps and abs in a number of standard, yet critical, exercises. With a small footprint and a light overall weight, it’s also a great piece of equipment for places with low square footage, a need for easy storage, and homeowners who will frequently be transporting the equipment around a smaller room.

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Best Features

  • Rubberized grips make it easy to gain stability while performing dip exercises, and padded elbow rests ensure that Power Tower users won’t injure their elbow joints or suffer from fatigue during the exercise.
  • The padded back rest on the Power Tower makes this a far more versatile piece of home gym equipment, allowing equipment owners to transition form dip exercises to knee raises, working the abs as well as the triceps during a typical workout.
  • A small footprint makes the XMark MX-4434 Power Tower easy to store if space is limited, and it also ensures that the equipment will take up minimal room in a compact home gym, where space must be shared among multiple pieces of bulky equipment.
  • Durable steel construction means the Power Tower won’t warp, bend or wobble, adding peace of mind during particularly vigorous workouts at home.

The Good

Xmark XM-4434 ExercisesThere really are a lot of things to love about XMark’s XM-4434 model Power Tower for home workouts. The equipment replicates the convenience and durability of dip stations at large gyms, but does so with lightweight, durable materials, and a compact footprint that allows it to fit easily into the typical home gym. The XMark Power Tower uses cast steel, a material typically reserved for lawn mowers and other heavy-duty, outdoor equipment designs. That gives it the ability to remain in place, without wobbling or swaying, even when workouts get a bit more vigorous. The stability of this model is only the beginning, however.

XMark has designed its Power Tower specifically to help fitness enthusiast stay comfortable during dips and core workouts. The tower features 2-inch pads for arms and elbows on each arm support, as well as padded rubber grips that make it easy to tightly grip each handle without losing hand strength or succumbing to fatigue. When working the abs, the 2-inch back pad helps to stabilize the core and keep it comfortable, away form the hard steel surface that gives this piece of equipment its much-needed strength.

Because the Power Tower is almost always utilized as part of a home gym, XMark made sure to cover the bottom in non-skid rubber pads that keep the tower in place and protect the floor from scuffs, skid marks, or scratches in softer surfaces. This allows the tower to be placed effortlessly on carpet or hardwood, without producing unsightly pulls or scratches on the flooring material even after many months of use.

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The Bad

Though there are many great features for home gym owners, one that’s noticeably lacking with the XM-4434 is the ability to adjust any component of the equipment. The dip bars are located 21.5 inches apart, and that’s a fixed width that is set during assembly. No mechanism exists to make these bars further apart or closer together, which might upset some people who are slightly smaller or larger than the “average” fitness enthusiast that this piece of equipment specifically targets. Though this won’t be a problem for the majority of consumers, it could be frustrating for others.

One thing to consider about the XMark power tower is that it really only accommodates four exercises: triceps dips, knee raises, pullups, and pushups. This might not be a natural fit for homeowners with very confined home gym space, where a more multifaceted machine might simply be a better overall use of square footage. Aside from these concerns, it’s actually a great fit for home gym owners and fitness enthusiasts with space to spare.

The Verdict

Xmark Power Tower Close UPThe XMark XM-4434 Power Tower is a great fit for home gym owners with a bit of extra space, or those who would be okay with storing the equipment and bringing it out only when it’s needed. The strong construction and excellent padding make this a stable, comfortable way to work the triceps and abs, while the sturdy rubber grips work with muscles in the hand to add stability and reduce the potential for fatigue during a particularly challenging workout.

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