Weslo CardioStride 3.0

Weslo CardioStride 3.0

The Weslo CardioStride 3.0 treadmill is an excellent value pick for casual exercisers who want a good workout without a lot of frills. This treadmill is manual, meaning it does not have an engine to power it; instead, the user powers it through walking and effort. Its ease of movement and storage as well as its relatively small size (it measures only 52” X 27” X 42”) make it desirable for people with small spaces. The belt is only 17” X 41”, making it ideal for smaller spaces as well. The easily readable LCD monitor displays several pieces of information, and the 15-degree fixed incline gives users a good workout. Released in October of 2012, this treadmill only costs $46.61 on Amazon.com plus free shipping.


  • Treadmill is small when assembled and can fold up even smaller using SpaceSaver technology.
  • 15-degree fixed incline and manual power give users a solid workout.
  • 17” X 41” belt is small enough to keep the size of the unit down but large enough for most people to walk comfortably.
  • LCD display is easy to read and shows basic walking-related data points.
  • Price is under $50, which is excellent for a treadmill.

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The Good

Weslo CardioStride 3.0 DisplayThe low price is this treadmill’s best feature since few treadmills are available for under $50. At 69 pounds, this treadmill is easy to move around; it supports up to 250 pounds of user weight. The LCD monitor displays all the basic pieces of information necessary for a good workout in a way that is easily viewable.The 90-day parts and labor warranty protects customers from defective parts that break within that timeframe.

The manual power of this treadmill gives users a better workout, cuts down on noise that would have been generated by a motor, and saves electricity that would have otherwise powered the motor. The incline is fixed at 15 degrees, which, when combined with the manual nature of the treadmill, requires exercisers to use a variety of muscles to work out and reduces joint impact and damage. Technically, there is no real speed limit on how fast this treadmill can go since the manual-power nature of the treadmill allows the user to set the speed by how vigorously he or she exercises.

The belt motion is smooth and quiet—especially when the treadmill is properly lubricated as described in the instruction manual. The belt is smaller than those of higher-end treadmills, but it is still larger than most other manual treadmills.

This treadmill does not take up much space, so it is ideal for apartments or small exercise rooms. The SpaceSaver design of this treadmill makes folding the treadmill up and easily storing it in a small space possible. Assembly is easy and simple—especially for users who have experience putting together exercise equipment.This treadmill is a good option for those who want a walking option to replace casual outdoor walking when the weather is bad or the temperature is high.

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The Bad

Due to the budget nature of this treadmill, there are not a lot of features available. There are no programs, no heart rate monitors, no electronic features outside of the LCD display, and no elevation level varieties. The warranty is not the best, especially when compared to higher-end treadmills that often measure warranties in years rather than days. Users must properly lubricate this treadmill often due to its manual nature; some users may find this inconvenient.

This treadmill can be noisy due to the lack of a motor, so some users may think it is too loud. The lack of motor also means that exercisers have to work harder to power the treadmill than they would if the motor did so for them. The fixed incline means that the user cannot switch incline rates mid-workout for variety; the user also must hold onto the handrails during the workout.

Since this treadmill is fairly small, taller users with long strides may have difficulty walking on this unit. It is also not suited for people who are over 250 pounds, which rules out some exercisers.

Some users have complained that the machine is flimsy and not durable—especially if the parts do not fit together properly. Other people have had bad experiences in terms of missing parts or pieces that are not suited to putting together the unit. Several customers have had problems with the LCD display in terms of not getting it to work like it is supposed to work.

The Verdict

The Weslo CardioStride 3.0 is under $50. Size and weight must, as always, be considerations when shopping for a treadmill, so exercisers will have to evaluate whether any given treadmill can accommodate their body types. A treadmill of this price is likely going to require more maintenance and effort than an expensive one; users will have to determine whether a cheaper price is worth extra lubrication and workout effort. There will always be a small percentage of defective units within any product line, and the warranty on an item that costs less than $50 is not likely to be outstanding. In spite of all these drawbacks, this treadmill is under $50, which can make up for a lot of cons.

Exercisers who want to look into other similar products may want to consider the Stamina InMotion Manual Treadmill, which is more expensive but is more highly-rated. It also has two incline settings rather than one, and the frame warranty is a full year. As with most manual treadmills, however, its belt size is smaller than that of the Weslo CardioStride 3.0—and the price, of course, is nowhere near as low as that of the Weslo, either.

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