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Last updated: August 9th, 2016


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The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a unique piece of exercise equipment designed to give you a well-rounded workout.It’s one of our top picks of the best home gym for this year. The contraption, inspired by the late Joe Weider, the famous “Father of Bodybuilding,” looks like a fortified bench with the kind of bells and whistles required for a complete body workout. It has been on the market for over a year now and, so far, has met with overall positive feedback and reviews. It’s been described as a simple, yet effective tool for getting fit. It is currently available on Amazon for less than $160.00.

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  • Incline bench, adjustable to allow you a more, or less, intense workout
  • Sliding board that lets you to move up and down the length of the bench
  • Resistance bands that can make your workout up to 50 lbs more challenging
  • Sturdy and durable, designed to last a long time
  • Pulley system that allows for increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Targets all major muscle groups
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Easy assembly
  • 3 month warranty on parts and labor
  • Sleek design

The Good


Weider Ultimate Body Works Side ViewThe first thing most users will notice about the Weider Ultimate Body Works system is that it is a sturdy unit. The frame is constructed of steel tubing so that is both stable and durable. Only a small amount of assembly is required (it takes about 20 minutes) to make it functional and it is light at only about 80lbs.


Cheaper than gym membership

One of the neat features about the Weider Ultimate Body Works is that it allows you to have as good a workout at home as you can get in the gym. The only difference is that a gym membership requires a monthly fee. You only pay once for this machine and it’s yours forever. Customers also seem to love the fact that it’s surprisingly inexpensive considering the value they get out of it.


You would have to use several different machines at the gym to perform the different types of workouts that are available on just this one machine at home. Factor in the likelihood of having to wait your turn at each machine in the gym and you quickly realize the advantage of having this all-in-one machine in the comfort of your home, where you can use it whenever you want. Not to mention the convenience of not having to leave your house to get a great workout.

Total body workout

You can use this machine to work your back, arms, shoulders, lats, abs, legs and glutes. The machine comes with an instruction manual that shows you 100 different exercises you can perform on this single bench. You can use the sliding board to pull your weight up and down using the cables, which allows you to perform a variety of exercise like leg presses, back rows, and lat pulls. The ability to adjust the incline position allows you to control the difficulty of the workout, and the resistance bands let you push your limits even further. There is also a footrest the base of the machine so that you don’t slide off the bench in the middle of your exercise.

Easy assembly

Very little assembly is required to put the machine together, as most of the work is already done prior to delivery. Customers happily report that the few nuts and bolts they have to put together on their own takes up no more than 20 minutes of their time. Further, the equipment weighs less than 80 pounds, making it fairly easy to maneuver.

Pulley System

The Ultimate Body Works is operated via cables and pulleys that move the bench during workouts. The pulley system increases the user’s range of motion and allows specific muscle groups to be targeted. Users will be able to work all of their major muscle groups with the Ultimate Body Works. It is simple but can replace many of the exercise machines found at the typical gym. The user gets the ability to perform a number of different exercises with a compact machine that can be folded to fit in a closet or under a bed. The versatility of the Ultimate Body Works system has the benefit of shortening the amount of time users spend working out.


There are no weights that must be taken on and off, the only additional parts are the resistance bands. The bands allow users to add resistance beyond body weight alone. This is helpful for users who weigh less; it is also useful for users who have achieved the maximum possible with the Ultimate Body Works alone but who still want to continue increasing their strength. The four included bands are able to provide up to 50lbs of extra resistance.


The unit comes with a workout poster that shows the different exercises that are possible with the device. The exercises range from squats for hips and thighs to pull-ups for the shoulders and chest.


The machine has a relatively low price compared to other devices that function in a similar way. Many users have positively compared it to the Total Gym, which costs hundreds of dollars more.

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The Bad

Missing instruction manual

While most of the customer feedback is positive, there are a few reported problems. Some people, for example, have noted that the equipment did not arrive with the promised instruction manual showing 100 possible workouts. This inconvenience has forced them to do independent research on the different types of workouts available on the Weider Ultimate Body Works.

Storage not so easy

Other customers have noted that, while the machine does fold, it is not ideal for under bed storage because it requires the removal of the handles and footrest. Also, 80 lbs can get heavy if you have to repeatedly take it out and put it back. This is like getting an additional workout you didn’t count on. When it is folded the unit is not as compact as some users would like as it is nearly eight feet in length.

Not for bodybuilding

The workouts available on the Weider Ultimate Body Works can get you toned and lean, but it will not necessarily make you look like a bodybuilder. For that you need even more variety and heavier weights, which this machine does not provide. This machine is great if you want to get fit and look impressive on the beach, but it does not have the capacity to give you the kind of insane muscles Arnold Schwarzenegger was famous for. Also, Users who are under 5’3″ may be limited in the number of exercises they can do with the Ultimate Body Works.


Users who are unable to lift 80lbs may have difficulty moving the Ultimate Body Works bench. Combined with the length, it may present some difficulty when maneuvering it into a tight space.

Tough to roll

The rollers on the Ultimate Body Works are sticky to help provide traction, but they may not roll easily.

The Verdict

Overall, the Weider Ultimate Body Works seems like an ideal exercise machine for getting in great physical shape without having to pay a monthly gym membership fee. It is at your disposal whenever you feel like using it. With bonus features like the sliding board, adjustable incline bench, cables and resistance bands, the machine provides a well-rounded workout for all the muscle groups. While you may not look like Arnold in the Terminator movies, most people are not looking to go that far.

With over a hundred possible exercises, users can get fit without having to spend a lot of money or devote a room in their house to exercise. Home gyms that use weights can take up a lot of space, not just because of the machine itself but also because of the weights that that will occupy floor space when not in use. Even without being folded, the Ultimate Body Works occupies much less space than many other exercise machines.

In addition to saving on space and money, they can save time when it comes to putting their Ultimate Body Works unit together. There are no complicated instructions and no need to spend hours wrestling with tools just to get it to work. It comes almost fully assembled out of the box with only a few parts that need to be bolted into place. The simplicity of the Ultimate Body Works design and function is one of the main reasons to purchase it; that simplicity leads to another important benefit: it saves on time. Users should compare the amount of time they spend would spend working out at home versus the time they spend going to the gym. Working out on one simple machine at home takes much less time than working out on multiple complicated devices at the gym. There is no time wasted walking from machine to machine or waiting for someone to get done using a particular machine.

The positive features of this machine far outweigh the negative, which are relatively minor. When you compare this to other similar home exercise equipment, such as Total Gym, you realize the Weider machine is a better deal. The Total Gym may give more variety in terms of the different exercises you can do, but the muscle groups you are targeting are the same. In addition, Total Gym is a larger piece of equipment with a heavy upright bar that takes up more space in your home. Not to mention it runs close to $1,000.00!

With the Weider machine, you have something you can use every day and work out different parts of your body for a one-time fee of $160.00 or less. That’s a much better deal for the price than most other exercise equipment on the market. Since the machine has a reputation for durability, you will get more than your money’s worth. Plus, the end result, namely looking good in your bathing suit, is priceless!

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