Weider Power Tower

Weider Power Tower

The Weider Power Tower is a popular and reasonably priced exercise machine that is suitable for home use. It allows users to do a variety of strength building exercises, including push-ups, pull-ups, dips and many others. This is a simple but versatile machine that is sturdy and easy to assemble. It’s a good choice for people who want to be able to do some of the best fundamental exercises for building upper body and core strength. Although the list price is $249.99, it is currently being sold on Amazon for $130. This exercise machine weighs just over 90 pounds.

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Some of the notable features of the Weider Power Tower Include:

  • Push-Up Station – With padded hand grips. Allows you to perform push-ups with greater stability and range of motion than you could doing them on the floor.
  • Vertical Knee Raise -With padded hand grips and cushioned arm rests. Works your core to help you develop well-defined abs. This is similar to the Captain’s Chair machines found at most gyms.
  • Pull-Up Station -With padded hand grips. You can do both pull-ups and chin-ups to work your core, shoulders and arms.
  • Dip Station -With padded hand grips. Dips work your shoulders, chest and triceps.
  • Built with sturdy materials and vinyl cushions for comfort.

The Good

The Weider Power Tower is a good basic piece of exercise equipment that lets you do some of the most powerful strength building exercises recommended by fitness experts. While you can find fancier and more complicated machines at the gym, or even for home use, the ones you can do on the Weider Power Tower are actually among the most effective.

If you research the most beneficial exercises for upper body strength, you’ll find that what the experts recommend are push-ups, pull-ups, chins and dips. These are precisely the exercises that you can do on this machine. If you want to build sculpted abdominal muscles, there’s no better exercise than knee raises, which the Weider Power Tower lets you do. The Weider Power Tower is also an economical machine. For less than $150, you can do intense workouts that work your upper body, arms and core.

Keep in mind that there are several variations on all of the basic exercises. For example, pull-ups are done with hands facing forward, while chins are done with an underhanded grip. You can also do a hybrid of the two. The machine even has a bar that allows you to cheat when doing pull-ups. This is good for people who need to build up their upper body strength before they can do a real pull-up or chin.

This machine is ideal for people who want to do relatively short but intense workouts. You can focus on a few powerful exercises and, if you work out consistently, get good results over time. The convenience of being able to work out at home is another factor that should not be overlooked. The Weider Power Tower is also a sturdily built machine that can easily handle the weight of people well over six feet tall and weighing over 200 pounds.

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The Bad

Like any product, the Weider Power Tower is not perfect and not ideal for everyone. One drawback is that, although the machine is compact considering how many exercises you can do on it, it does take up quite a bit of space. If you live in a studio apartment or a small cabin, the machine will probably take up most of your living space. When assembled, its dimensions are 41” length x 57” width x 84” height. Since the height is close to seven feet, you couldn’t use it in a basement or a room with low ceilings. So it’s most suitable for people who have a fairly large room to store it in.

Although the Weider Power Tower is not difficult to assemble, some people really dislike having to spend any time at all assembling products. You should be able to put this machine together in around two hours at most. This is about average, as most exercise machines do not arrive at your home fully assembled. However, some people may consider the assembly time a disadvantage.

Finally, although the machine is sturdy and can handle quite a bit of weight, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for people weighing more than 300 pounds.

The Verdict

Everyone shopping for an exercise machine has specific needs and goals. The Weider Power Tower is ideal for anyone who wants a machine that allows them to do some of the most effective exercises for building strength. It can be very valuable to use on its own, or along with other exercises you may be doing.

The Weider Power Tower is a sturdy machine that will last for many years when used properly. It’s also one of the most affordable exercise machines on the market, considering how versatile it is. As long as you have space for it and you don’t exceed the weight limits, it would be difficult to find a better value in an exercise machine.

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