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The UP 24 by Jawbone is a feature-rich fitness system that is designed for everyday life so that you can always stay connected and on top of your health. The simple hypoallergenic wrist band is designed to fit wrists of all sizes and also to sync to Android, Apple and other Bluetooth smart devices so that you can connect to all of your favorite fitness and nutrition apps. This means that by syncing your wrist band to apps within UP or those that are compatible, you can track your weight, access nutrition libraries, map out fitness routes, review your trends and change your lifestyle. Priced at just $131.28 on Amazon.com, you can change your lifestyle and have a personal trainer on your wrist at an affordable price.

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There are plenty of different apps and electronic tools that you can invest in to stay on top of your fitness and accountable for your daily nutrition and fitness habits. While there are many different choices, the UP 24 by Jawbone is an entire system that includes both the band and the app so that you are buying the entire system that delivers insight and real-time feedback. This is one of the few systems that takes the holistic approach so that fitness is not just a resolution, it becomes your lifestyle. Read on, and find out if the UP holistic system is the right activity tracker for you.


The Good

One of the major advantages of the UP 24 activity tracker is not just that it collects the data and stores it, the advantage is that the system displays data in a way that the end user can understand so that the user acts differently to improve their health. While there are many activity trackers that are being advertised by leading brands in the fitness world, the UP 24 is different because it directs anyone who uses it to change their behavior by offering the wearer real-time coaching.

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You can set your goals, set your morning alarm, set bedtime notifications and then receive notifications to let you know how you are progressing each day. The UP holistic system allows you to use data to assess what needs to change and then helps you challenge yourself by creating your own “Today I Will” challenges. These challenges may be to get to bed in time, to drink a specified amount of water, or even to walk 1000 steps. This is what gives the UP band and app combination the obvious advantage over the competition for users who are looking for personalization. Some of the highlights of the UP system include:

  • Band comes in sizes small, medium and large for users or all sizes
  • The electronic band monitors your sleeping, moving and eating habits daily
  • Data can be integrated with UP apps and other compatible fitness apps like RunKeeper, Wello and Strava
  • The UP app is programmed to find connections between your daily habits and nighttime habits
  • Receive real-time notifications and updates through your smart device
  • Bluetooth syncing for easy integration
  • The battery lasts between 7 to 8 days and can be charged via a USB connection
  • The UP system is easy-to-use and easy to integrate
  • The app is plain, easy to navigate through and intuitive

The Bad

While the UP 24 system is an intuitive tracking system that has been updated and been designed to be used on social platforms and apps, there are still some shortcomings. Some of the drawbacks include:

  • The band is too bulky to integrate into daily life
  • The product lacks a heart rate feature that can be integrated to give accurate calorie burning counts
  • The device does not register movement if you walk with your hands in your pockets
  • Some users have reported failures after swimming

The Verdict

The Jawbone UP24 is the latest activity tracker that helps people trying to change their lifestyle change their habits long-term. If you want to do more than just shed a few pounds, this system can help you identify what you need to change daily to accomplish your goal. The tracker can be synced with your smart devices and other apps that you have already made part of your routine. With real-time counseling features and programming that helps you make sense of all of the data, this holistic activity tracking system just may be the perfect addition to your household.

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