Among all the diet plans that we have presented and discussed in details, let’s take a quick look at our top programs that have delivered the best results for the most people who have tried it!ץ
In this list of the top diet programs, we have provided a short intro to each plan, so that you can judge for yourself and get the one which is best-suited for your needs.

We’re all different, a diet that works for me may not work for you. So, before choosing a diet plan, analyze it carefully according to its flexibility, usability and efficiency, see how strict it is and whether you can combine it with your lifestyle.

The  3 Week Diet

A unique diet coupled with workout plans that offer you to lose up to 23 pounds in 21 days is available. Authored by Brian Flatt, the program looks into the details of nutritional benefits of our body and provides a blend of food and workout plans to shed off those extra calories.

The diet is best suited for those who are striving for a fit body in a short span of time. The program offers flexibility with an easy to follow diet and exercise plan, the 3-week diet plan is suitable for all ages and can easily be incorporated into any lifestyle.

The program encompasses the change of Basal Metabolic Rate and illustrates in details how that helps to burn fat in your body. The mindset and motivation manual further enables to keep you enthused and makes it easier stick to the diet plan and focus on the end goal.

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The Cruise Control Diet

Based on the scientific analysis of the metabolism of our body, the Cruise control diet introduced by James Ward focuses on a healthy intake of nutrients and proteins. Instead of including something new, the plan makes the ordinary routine of our daily lives extraordinary. How? Simply by pointing out what works and what doesn’t.

The diet introduces four fundamental principles – follow food instincts, avoid junk foods, stick to natural fat burning foods and occasionally break the rules. The overall program includes a mini manual guide, a diet program and a cooking recipe guide with 60 healthy recipes.

This program is best for people who are willing to lose weight without deviating from their daily schedule. The diet does not include any workout or exercise. Hence, if you’re too busy to take out time to hit the gym, maybe it’s time to take a look at this diet. It is simple, easy to follow and flexible. The occasional indulgence in guilty pleasures makes it an excellent choice for food lovers. Now you can devour that pizza without gaining weight, only if you can follow the Cruise Control Diet.

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Fat loss Factor

Fat Loss Factor is an extensive diet and workout program that pushes you to your limits and offers you a perfectly fit body with a healthy system as a result. This program is not for the fickle minded, as determination and deliberation are the two keys to success here.

Introduced by Dr. Livingston, the diet primarily focuses on reducing the toxins in your body and fighting obesity. The program is divided into two stages. Stage 1 is the detox phase during which comprises of a strict diet and exercise plan. All dietary proteins and dairy products are restricted during this period. Stage 2 is comparatively lenient. It is the ‘Un-diet’ phase where small meals can be consumed throughout the day.

With a 60-day money back guarantee, this program can indeed add value to your life if properly followed. It helps to shape changes in our lifestyle and incorporate healthy eating as a daily habit. A harsh yet fruitful plan, absolutely worth the cost.

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Diabetes 60 System

Type II diabetes can be a deadly disease. One of the most used medical procedure to keep diabetes at bay is the introduction of external insulin. Not only is that expensive but also the hassle of injecting every day can be a cause of terror.

To permanently relieve us from the trouble, Dr. Ryan Shelton proposed a 100% natural method to combat diabetes. A suitable program for all ages, The Diabetes 60 system is based on a high-intensity interval workout. The program further includes 8-week protocol, recipe suggestions, useful videos and even a health tracking software to provide a stepwise guidance.

The Diabetes 60 system is a scientifically verified, flexible system that can be directly adapted in your daily life. However, it is always advised to solicit the doctor’s approval before beginning this program. Offered with a 60-day money back guarantee, diabetes 60 has reintroduced the joy of living for many and continues to do so.

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Eat Stop Eat Diet

Starving to lose weight can be detrimental to our health, but when we fast in a scheduled manner not only does it help us to overcome obesity but also increases the metabolic functions of our organs. Surprisingly, if we continue fasting at regular intervals, it helps rather than harms.

Introduced by Brad Pilon, it is a unique procedure that contributes to overcome the threats of obesity. In this program, every three days there is a 24-hour fasting period. The plan provides a food guide that can be useful to help out with meals before and after fasting. Despite the initial idea being intimidating, once the body gets accustomed to regular fasting we no longer feel the hunger and the system adapt to the changes in food intake.

The plan is suitable for all ages and comes with an e-book and a full diet plan including all the foods that can be consumed and others which are to be avoided.

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Fat Crusher

Another program to combat obesity ensuring a healthy lifestyle is the Fat Crusher system. Generated by Frank Rosen the Fat Crushes System offers us a unique formula to fight the threats of overweight. It is neither a diet plan nor an exercise routine but instead a blend of scientific analysis introducing the concepts of Probiotics.

Fat Crusher system extensively elaborates how the different micro-organisms residing in our intestine drains our nutrients and reduces consumption of fat. Introducing probiotics in our regular meals to minimize the effect of these germs is an efficient method to shoot out the detrimental effects.

The cornerstones of this new concept has been introduced by vigorous scientific research and the price and refund policy makes the program an excellent choice. Though the program shuns all exercise plans, however, need for a regular workout is beyond any doubt. This indeed is a unique concept and can be tried without causing any threat to our health.

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Diabetes Destroyer

Time and again type II diabetes have prohibited us from devouring into our guilty pleasures and forced us to follow a strict food plan. Moreover, the regular insulin intake is nothing less than a trouble that we all want to get rid of. Diabetes Destroyer lights the path to permanently draw an end to the commotion of diabetes and live a healthy and safe life.

The primary focus of the program is the schedule our food intake in a way that it increases our metabolism and, in turn, regulates the proper secretion of insulin from the pancreas. With video guides and different meal scheduling plans, the program is a full package to help you combat diabetes and come out victorious.

It is a program that has negligible side effects and comes with a 60-day refund policy. Moreover, the quick results produced by the system helps to motivate users to take up the plan. It is still recommended to solicit the doctor’s advice and not immediately stop any medication.

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Venus Factor

Venus Factor is a rapid weight loss program that enables you to lose upto 12 pounds in 10 weeks. It primarily focuses on body shaping and toning with a regulated diet and exercise plan.

One of the most advantageous ways to access the information is the podcast. The Venus Factor weight loss, dieting, conditioning, and fitness information can be heard directly in the podcasts and also available as eBooks. Further, the plan comes with multiple sources such as apps, fitness regimen, downloadable programs and lots more.

The program aims at ‘looking good, feeling good’ motto. It helps to shed off the extra calories gradually and help you gain any look that you desire. The system provides you extensive nutrition information like how much protein consumption should be done in a day and also comes with a 45 minutes fitness regimen to be done 3 times a week. The program is flexible and efficient, and is worth a shot!

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Fat Diminisher

Proposed by Wesley Virgin, the Fat Diminisher helps you enhance the fitness and increase the metabolic rate of the body. The primary aim of the program is to offer a long-term sustainable effect that is flexible and can be easily maintained.

The program brings to light the conventional diets and tells you what went wrong with them. Alternative diets are then introduced to help you understand your body and customize it according to your personal preferences. It guides you to select the best combination of food suitable according to your lifestyle.

Fat Dimisher provides immense insight into meal scheduling, detoxification, and detailed workout plans. The primary advantage of this program is the flexibility that it offers. Instead of following a regulated scheme, you get to make your own plan and follow it accordingly. It is a comprehensive system that can be adapted by anyone to fight the fears of obesity.

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Whether it’s obesity that’s lowering your self-esteem or diabetes that’s hindering the way of your life, it is time to put a stop. The top rated diet plans let you take a sneak peek into their details and helps you be the judge of your health. All of these programs have produced the best results in their domains and can be chosen as a primary option for overcoming your problems.  But the final verdict can only be yours once you start a program and gain results from it. So, without further ado, choose a plan, start today and open your arms to a healthy and fit lifestyle.