Timex Personal Trainer T5G971 Heart Rate Monitor

Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Timex has one of the heftiest catalogs in the watch manufacturing industry. Timex is no stranger to innovation and style. Having done multitudinous reviews on Timex watches, there are certain things that I come to expect from a Timex watch. First, there will be a certain consistency as far as quality and the watches are never highly elaborate in their design. Timex has always taken a conservative approach when it comes to design, and it has worked out pretty well for them.

The Timex T5G971 Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor is not elaborate in its design; however, it is highly functional. Simply put, for a watch this affordable — coming in at $69.99 — it gets the job done. Before moving into the meat of this review, there is one thing that needs to be made lucidly clear. This is not a watch that is meant to be worn out for an evening on the town. There is nothing about its aesthetic appeal that says “fashion statement.” This watch was designed for the purpose of assisting an individual who wants some meaningful and consistent feedback concerning their workouts. As far as that is concerned, the watch stands up to the challenge.

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Some of the primary features of this watch are:

  • Digital time display (12/24 hour)
  • Syncs to heart rate monitor
  • Date display
  • Water resistant to 30m (doesn’t apply to the heart rate monitor)
  • Indiglo backlighting

The Good

Timex Personal Trainer Watch in Blue ColorThis fitness centered watch is the quintessential tool watch. With an integrated heart rate monitor, this watch can be used for the purpose fine tuning your exercise routine. Although I could go into a detailed treatise about achieving your target heart rate, I will leave that for the documentation that comes along with the watch, which does a very good job of walking you through the details of understanding how to calculate your target heart rate to accomplish specific goals.

In addition to the general functionality of the watch, another great feature is how lightweight the watch is. The weight of the watch can barely be detected when you are wearing it. In fact, in practically disappears on your wrist, which is exactly what you want from a running or training watch. The heart rate monitor is a bit more noticeable than the watch itself, as can be expected. It’s not that the monitor is heavy; however, it simply requires you to clinch it rather tightly in order to get an accurate heart rate reading. Once you get into the workout, you should become less aware of the monitor, if not, you are probably not training hard enough.

When discussing the watch with other users, the thing that seems to stand out the most is how light it is and the simplicity of its functions. The user interface is highly intuitive and organized. This is not one of those watches that requires a degree in computer science to figure out. The accompanying documentation and the simplistic layout makes this device very easy to negotiate. The watch also allows you to set training zones, basically functioning as a personal training. You can literally set up a workout and the device will monitor the workout and trigger an alert when a goal is achieved or you fall below a certain targeted heat rate.

For the person that is looking for a simple way to track the intensity of their workouts as well as having a tool that will help them meet their weight loss goals by being aware of their heart rate and calories burned, this watch is definitely up to the task.

Another great benefit associated with this device is the fact that the Flex-tech analog sensor will work with most heart rate enabled gym and fitness and equipment.

As with all Timex watches, this watch comes with a one-year comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

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The Bad

When scrolling through the functionality of the watch, there is not a lot to complain about. The watch is extremely dependable and it functions the way that it was designed to function. If there are complaints it would be that the watch does have as many functions as some of the other fitness watches on the market. It doesn’t get the mail or read the kids a bed time story. I am being facetious, but you get the point. There are watches out there that are capable of doing a great deal more than this watch, but they generally cost significantly more. The watch performs and it is practical to boot.

The Verdict

You can find a watch that outperforms the Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor time piece, but you are going to pay for it. You will be hard pressed to find a watch that is as light as this piece, making it ideal for exercise and running. The ability to use the heart rate technology with other gym equipment is definitely a plus. For the person that is looking for a simple no frills watch that is able to get the job done. This watch is more than capable of meeting the challenge.

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