Timex Marathon GPS Watch

Timex Marathon GPS Watch

The Timex Marathon GPS Watch is a GPS training device and watch released in 2012. Using GPS technology powered by the SiRFstarIV satellite, this watch monitors speed, distance and energy expenditure in real time. Retailing at only $84.99 (with free shipping), it provides an affordable training solution for people of all skill levels. It’s clear display and comfortable design provide you with the information you need without requiring you to push buttons whilst on the move. While simple in its design, its functionality is customizable so that it works the way you want it to.

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Whether you are a runner, walker, cyclist or swimmer you can manage splits with alarms, providing you with reminders during your workout or save up to 30 different workouts with up to 100 laps so you spend more time improving yourself than you do calibrating your device. The Timex Marathon GPS Watch also comes in three different colors for you to chose from; blue, black and pink.


  • GPS: Accurately track your location with the SiRFstarIV satellite to provide you with precise workout data. Your distance, speed, and pace are displayed based on how your position changes in relation to the satellite. The GPS also allows you to set your time zone with ease as the satellite can determine your timezone instantly way up there in orbit.
  • Chrono Mode: Take splits during your workouts and save your laps for review later, allowing you to hone your skills with each consecutive workout.
  • Run Mode: Run mode allows you to track data during your workouts, assess your workout data mid-workout and like Chrono Mode, you can save and review your progress for later. An additional feature with Run and Chrono Mode is that you can swap freely between the two at any time in order to change things up.
  • Workout Review: The review feature allows you to store up to 20 hours of data, from entire workouts to individual laps.
  • Alarm: Set up to 5 different alarms that will sound at different times of the day.
  • Hands-Free Auto Lap: Once you reach one of six selectable distances, an alarm will trigger signaling for you to take a split.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery offers up to 8 hours of life while in GPS mode. Easily charge up your device with the included USB cable.
  • Indiglo® night-light with Night-Mode® allows you to illuminate the watch face for ten seconds, allowing ease of use no matter the time of day.
  • Includes limited one year manufacturers warranty.

The Good

Timex Marathon Running Watch Side ViewThe Timex Marathon GPS Watch is an excellent device for the cost. If you do long distance running, biking, hiking and need a simple and accessible way to track your progress, The Timex Marathon GPS Watch is the device for you. While not as packed to the brim with features as some other watches on the market, the features the watch does have are simple to set up and easy to track while on the move with its large and clear display.

The device is a no brainier to use, even for those who may find technology to be somewhat scary. You press the GPS button to initiate positioning, wait 30 seconds and then click the mode button until the run or chrono mode shows up (depending on what you want from your workout). The display will then show time/distance/current pace for running and walking or for biking you can change that to time/distance/km/ per hour. You can also track calories; for the calorie conscious. Once you start moving, the device will begin to track you and provide you with data in small increments of time. While pace works on averages, the distance tracking is incredibly accurate.

The 8 hours of battery life in GPS mode a great perk and remains consistent with continued use. Without GPS mode, it could be used as a regular watch for seemingly months. The USB cord is pretty standard, allowing you to charge the device at a computer or even your games console or vehicle if you are so inclined.

A big positive to the Timex Marathon GPS Watch is its price, generally retailing under $100 dollars and, when this post was written discounted, to $84.99 (with free shipping); it is easily the most affordable device of this quality on the market today.

The Timex Marathon GPS watch is lightweight and comfortable despite its bulk and made from high-quality materials. It is also completely waterproof, meaning you could use it for swimming, too. With a variety of colors to choose from, you can pick the Timex Marathon to suit your style.

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The Bad

Like any product, realistically, it isn’t perfect. There are a few flaws. The most obvious is that Timex Marathon GPS Watch lacks any functionality to download your data off the device and onto your computer which is a common feature on higher-priced products.

Despite its simple and user-friendly nature for its basic functions, there are so many varieties for the settings that delving deeper into the device could prove an intimidating chore for those less technically minded. Keep the instruction manual handy as those less tech savvy will most likely need to keep referring to it as you get to know your device over time.

Another thing is bulk, if you have a small wrist, this watch may look a little absurd as it sticks out of your forearm. The mold of the wrist strap has to accommodate the GPS antenna so the bulk is kind of a design flaw. Whilst on the subject of the GPS, sometimes it can take longer than the general 30 seconds to establish a connection to the satellite, furthermore while on the move the data may not update as quick as you’d like, taking up to 15 seconds to refresh information.

The Verdict

While lacking the features of the more costly GPS watches on the market, the Timex Marathon GPS Watch<.a> is an affordable, reliable and relatively easy to use option for anyone looking to track their workout data while on the move. With a reliable battery life, clear display and easy set up, the device allows you to concentrate on workout technique rather than data management. For the price, the Timex Marathon GPS Watch is a worthwhile purchase and a great introduction to GPS watches as a whole.

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