Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table

Suppose we assured you that chronic backache relief could be achieved by hanging upside down for minutes so your body re-aligns itself and removes pressure that’s the reason for your perpetual backache? An enthusiastic populace with an assortment of aches, pains and complaints said yes, please, to the question by purchasing a 68-pound Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 inversion table. They’re enjoying precision balancing thanks to pivot bearings, extreme inversion control capabilities and ungraded engineering.

The newest iteration of the popular 950, which debuted in 2012, the EP-960 offers sophisticated upgrades beneath the sleek blue ComfortTrak bed that’s being called the most comfortable in the industry. But for those desirous of pain relief after years of drugs, exercises, doctor visits and, in some cases, surgery, color and comfort are secondary to relief found after trying this inversion table. Will it promote peace and brotherhood? Not exactly. But don’t tell that to people who can’t imagine living without theirs—shoppers happy to fork over $399 to find relief at last.

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Best Features: The following five features should whet your appetite to learn more:

  • Solid construction—a benefit that can’t be understated when you’re asked to hang by the ankles to relieve back problems. Underwriter Laboratories-approved for quality, the EP-960 has been certified by rating resources conferring #1 status on the unit when compared to competitors.
  • The EZ-Reach Angle system features a long handle, triple lock and EZ-Angle tether that allows the user to gradually acclimate the body to complete inversion via pre-set 20-, 40- and 60-degree angles. Handles help decompression, oscillation and easy release to eliminate risks.
  • Ergo-Embrace supports reduce ankle pressure, eliminating previous issues that generated complaints by owners of previously-manufactured Teeter inversion tables and those of competitors.
  • The ergonomically redesigned ComfortTrak bed boosts the realignment process and unit owners can, if they wish, purchase acupressure nodes and lumbar bridges to address specific types of back pain.
  • The EP-960 comes with both DVD and print instructions to assist purchasers with assembling the unit. Use instructions are easy to understand. There’s even a 5-year warranty.

The Good

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 HandlesThese are the five best reasons to consider the EP-950:

  1. Regardless of your pain’s origin, find relief literally from your first inversion experience as your torso is lengthened and relaxed from the get-go, decompressing the spine to realign it while reducing nerve pressure and even re-hydrating disks.
  2. No need to devote endless hours of time to your pursuit of a pain-free back. A few minutes of daily “hang time” may be all that’s needed to rectify and relieve symptoms without resorting to drugs, chiropractic sessions or the ultimate remedy: surgery.
  3. Gain more muscle flexibility in the arms, legs and ankles–where auxiliary pain and symptoms may erupt as a result of an adjusted gait due to persistent pain and pressure.
  4. Set up the Teeter EP-960 in small spaces. When folded, the unit is approximately 66-inches high, 28-inches long and 16-inches wide. Don’t worry about your floors: the stable base has floor protection features.
  5. Rely upon the company behind the brand. Teeter has engineered inversion tables for over three decades, continually improving and re-inventing to deliver equipment that comes with a 5-year warranty.

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The Bad

The padded foot retention system displeased a purchaser eager to hang for more than five to six minutes because circulatory problems caused his feet to fall asleep. Other purchasers complained about uncomfortable ankle supports.

Construction complaints included hard-to-follow assembly instructions. One customer called the written instructions “mildly confusing”; others complained directions appear to cover many types of Teeter inversion units which frustrated them, offset by manufacturer claims that the model arrives 85-percent constructed.

One distraught shopper claims he received an EP-960 with no locking mechanism despite marketing promises pointing to cam-lock and auto-locking hinges reviewers insist are the safest features of this product. The occasional EP-960 shipped with missing components.

Several owners claim their back pain returns immediately after returning to an upright position, giving credence to claims that not every user is guaranteed pain relief after using this and other inversion products.

A certain verified buyer by the name of George Bush of Texas liked using his Teeter EP-960 but had to stop using it and return his model because he hyper-extended his knee.

That $400 price tag remains an issue, but those concerned about cost have added that their worry was assuaged by money-back guarantees from retailers and websites selling the EP-960.

The Verdict

Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 at Full InversionIt’s hard to ignore a preponderance of positive rave reviews expressed by people using phrases like “Wow,” “One of the best purchases I’ve ever made,” “How did I get by without an EP-960?” and “This changed my life.” Success stories far outweigh complaints. Consumers using inversion therapy find they’re able to resume active lives, numerous owners recommend the Teeter to everyone they meet, and some even wax poetic about their idyllic experiences. But two comments stand out from the crowd:

The physician experiencing repeated back surgeries who continued to suffer chronic pain until he found relief thanks to the Teeter EP-960 and the 76-year-old woman who can’t decide whether she’s more thrilled by an end to her back pain or the fact that she assembled the unit on her own!

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