StairMaster SM916 StepMill

StairMaster SM916 StepMill

The StairMaster SM916 Step Mill most resembles a real life stair climbing workout when compared o similar equipment. This allows users to enjoy a complete cardio workout while remaining stationary. The new design is quieter and has a fluid motion that adds cushioning for the joints. The new LCD backlit console is easy to read, and the ergonomically designed handrails add to the machine’s intensity. Included in the ten fitness programs are the firefighter’s Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and a nationally recognized fitness test.

StairMaster SM916 StepMill

Best Features

1. The eight inch stairs provide a full cardio workout.
2. Ten workout programs are included that burn fat and calories.
3. The LCD backlit screen with polar-compatible heart rate monitor allows you to keep on top of the benefits your workout provides.
4. There is a step range of 24 – 162 steps each minute with the CPAT test and multi-stage fitness test that gives you a wide variety of workout levels.

What We Liked (The Pros)

StairMaster SM916 StepMill Display ConsoleThis step mill has a brutal look to it that brings the feeling of an actual stair climbing workout into your own home. The revolving eight inch stairs duplicates the action of real stair steps. A chain driven alternator uses precision control for the pedal decent each time you mount the machine. Electronically controlled, it offers a wide variety of users to enjoy a smooth workout within their individual comfort zone. The 24 to 162 step range per minute strengthens legs while it boosts cardio and challenges every skill level.

This step mill has ergonomically designed handrails that provide additional support to the user. An LCD display is backlit, and there is a 15 inch slot that can hold an LCD TV. Workout options that come with this model include programs like quick start, fat burning, a manual, calorie burning, heart rate intervals, random intensity, a calorie goal, and a heart rate zone trainer. This machine also includes the CPAT and multi-stage fitness test. The C51 LCD backlit display screen helps you track your progress including your distance, speed, number of floors climbed, and amount of calories burned.

Additional benefits will add to the users comfort. A reading rack, bottle holder, and accessory tray are all within easy reach. You will need a minimum ten foot ceiling height. This model weighs 409 pounds and measures 29 X 78 X 50 inches. There is a 15 year frame warranty, three year parts warranty, and a one year labor warranty on wear items with this step mill.

StairMaster SM916 StepMill

What We Didn’t Like (The Cons)

Drawbacks that consumers have found with this model mainly concern the size of the machine. Its massive size doesn’t allow one to work on the top of the machine in the average home. A ten foot ceiling height is recommended for maximum benefits. Some users find the step size to be too shallow for larger feet. Large shoe sizes don’t fit on the steps comfortably. They also found the non-slip texture of each step to be hard to keep clean. Sweat and dirt can become trapped inside of the grooves where it is harder to reach. The StairMaster SM916 is louder than the previous 4200 and 4600 models. Noise levels bothered some who have purchased this step mill.

The Verdict

The StairMaster SM916 is a nice step mill for the average home gym. It provides a cardio workout that truly resembles a real life stair step workout. Progress is easily monitored on the backlit LCD screen as the user participates in any of the ten fitness programs included with this specific design. Addition features like the bottle holder, 15 inch TV slot, reading rack, and accessory tray allow the user to remain as comfortable as possible during the entire workout. Ergonomically designed handrails and textured steps eliminate dangerous slips and falls while the overall design is compact enough to fit in most home gyms.

Those who like this StairMaster have also found the StairMaster SM5 to be a good choice within the same price range. It includes many of the features found on the SM916, but it has a two window backlit screen. Although some consumers have complained of the step size being small, most find that the average shoe sizes fit nicely. There is some noise involved during workouts, but it is minimal when compared to similar machines.

StairMaster SM916 StepMill


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