Sony XBA-S65

Sony XBA-S65

Over the past year, the industry has released numerous earphones for people seeking a solution for their listening experience. Some of the options offered are fairly expensive, but the Sony XBA-S65 is far more affordable and can be found online for as low as $89.99 new. Used and refurbished units are much less than those units. The XBA-S65 has a noise-canceling counterpart, but this device is still more affordable. Since the device is water-resistant, sweat-proof, and washable, it’s more attractive to customers. These headphones are gym-friendly and have few disadvantages when compared to the competition.

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  • Adjustable Ear Loops Provide Secure Fit
  • Full Range Driver
  • Splash-Proof Film
  • Rinsable and Sealable Housing
  • Optimized Housing Design for Greater Comfort
  • Moisture and Sweat Resistant
  • Easy to Wash
  • Will Remain in Tact During Rigourous Workouts
  • Housing is Noise-Isolated
  • Discreet

The Good

Sony XBA-S65 Fitting on EarThe headphones are unique and different from any other design that’s present on the market. Each customer will notice the Sony logo on the side of each earpiece to add flair and credibility. The rubber loop fits securely around the back of the outer ear. Every person should find the best fit for them. They can place the loop around the ear and then, tighten the loop to ensure it remains snug on the ear.

All of the earphones are water-resistant and sweat-proof. This means that they can be rinsed off at any time. The feature is so popular that it has been featured on XBA-S65 and other models. Each of the earphones comes with a cable length adjuster to take up the slack, a shirt clip, black plastic, and a mesh carrying the pouch.

Sony’s balanced armature earphone is more likely to meet the needs of an audiophile. The earphones will emphasize the vocals, percussion, and strings and make them the more dominant sounds in the compilation. The earphone ensure that you are receiving the proper amount of bass in every year. If you’re searching for a bass-filled sound, these are the earphones for you. The earphones can handle deep bass frequencies with little or no distortion.

These earphones work well for exercising. This is the editor’s choice as the headphones having a large value. If you want to go with a headphone that is discreet and has a good value, this is the choice for you.

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The Bad

The only feature missing on this design are the inline controls. The presence of these features would increase the price by nearly $30. The XBA-S65 does not have active noise cancellation. Some customers have a problem with the earphones slipping out and others do not. It’s probably a fit issue, but they can use the charts to find the appropriate fit for them. For some people, they break easily. For other people they yield the best sound. It’s just a matter of how they are taken care of over time.

If you are abusive to the headphones and do not store them in a protective case, they are more likely to suffer damage faster. Take extra care with them, and they’ll last longer. It’s a small price to pay to obtain the sleeker footprint and design. Some people are willing to sacrifice longevity for a lightweight and more compact design that’s also more comfortable. Read all of the reviews online before making a decision because most are positive.

The Verdict

The verdict is that this device is good overall. Most audiophiles will be satisfied with the bass and the sound emanated from the headphones. In general, most of the good points about the product will outweigh the bad. Most people enjoy the great design of these earphones. The ear hook style seems to stay in place for most of the users. The best part is that they are adjustable and water resistant. There is no need to worry about any sweat damaging your earbuds because of the water resistance feature.

The balanced armature drivers will mean that you will hear a lot more details when you’re listening to music. This will make your experience richer, and the sounds are more subtle because they are not the sounds that you would normally hear with other devices.

Most people do not realize how important their sound quality is to them until it is absent. That’s why it’s important to select a high quality headphone initially to avoid problems. Sony’s earbuds are a good choice if consumers plan to use them on an everyday basis.

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