Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

The Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike is a top quality bike that can not only help you get exercise, but also minimize pain on your joints. With handlebars and adjustable seats, the recumbent bike has the ability to work in different ways to get optimum exercise. It’s durable, strong, and has the ability to help you workout effectively.

Features of the Sole Fitness R92 Recumbent Bike

– The 9-Inch LCD Display Screen
– Unique Pedal Design Prevents All Joint Pain
– Bottle Holder In An Easy Access
– MP3 Sound System For Perfect Sound
– Chest Strap For Monitoring Your Heart Rate
– Extremely Lightweight Durable Frame

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The Pros

  • Displays Workout Information

Working out is so difficult when you have no idea what program you’re doing or how many calories you’ve lost. You’ll discover how much calories you lose, how far you’ve gone, your heart rate, and other vital information so you know how much you can workout. The LCD display screen allows you to save time and understand how you’re doing while biking. The LCD screen is bright, crisp, and quite easy on the eyes.

  • The Built-In Entertainment

You’ll be clearly entertained while you’re working out. There is a water bottle holder that you have easy access to. The added fan allows you to get cool when biking since it can get pretty tough while you’re working on your legs. The fan can be turned on with ease. The additional MP3 and iPod compatibility allows you to listen to music and stay entertained. Now you can stay occupied with your favorite songs.

  • Avoid Pain With The New Pedal Design

Usually when you’re on a recumbent bike your legs, joints, and the feet are in pain because of the pedals that hurt the feet. With an ergonomic design, the pedal features allow you to have a a double degree inward right in the pedal that can prevent any aches throughout the body. This feature makes sure the feet and knees are protected by aligning your joints correctly. Now you never have to worry about your feet or legs feeling any type of aches which can develop over time. It minimize the stress on your joints. The slanted pedals, lower back backrest, and padded seats allow you to have complete comfort while making sure you work your body out effectively.

  • Perfect Frame For Durability

It has a strong a nd very durable frame. Since it is pretty light and has a powerful system, you need to be strong to hold up after so much repeated usage. It is properly designed to withstand hours and hours of working out. Since it has steel tubing, you’ll discover that it is nearly indestructible. There are two wheels right in the front, and it makes it much easier to move the bike. It is much safer to use and maintains its durability for a long period.

  • Lower Back Pain Is Gone

The comfortable as eat that comes with this bike is its powerful source for those with back pain. You can avoid thinking about your back being in pain and focus your time on getting back in shape. Studies show that most people stick to a routine on a recumbent bike more so than any other type of exercise. The back pain you feel can be overcome with ease through this machine.

Sole R92 Recumbent Bike Reverse

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The Cons

  • Fan Not As Strong

Fans are usually supposed to be super strong to help you overcome the sweat. Some people say this part is not that effective, and the fan isn’t as strong as it should be. For some, this is not a problem, and you’ll discover that this is perfectly fine. The fan can be adjusted at different levels, so this may not be a big problem for you.

  • Fitting Tall People

If you are above and taller than 6′, it could be a bit tough for some of you to readjust it so that you can be able to exercise on it. With long legs, you need a bit more space. If you are too tall, this could be a problem. HOWEVer, you could readjust, but you just need to work really hard at adjusting it and keeping it at that spot so it’s easier for you.

  • Slightly Wobbly

If you use this machine, it may feel like it won’t hold up and can be broken down with a slight push of the wind. While it is very strong and durable, you may feel uneasy at first and that it could break at any moment. The wobblyness can feel very tough to get used to, but it does feel a bit easier on you after a short while.

The Verdict

Is this worth it? It all depends on your needs. If you’re somebody who wants. Recumbent bike that is comfortable to use, has countless workout programs available, and can even allow 300+ lbs for every user! this could be best for you. It isn’t that large and can be put in the middle of a living room without taking that much space.The Sole Fitness R92 can monitor your heart rate with ease, and the unique padding throughout the machine can keep you strong and able to continue working out. It is affordable, properly designed, and can last for years to use even after repeated use. If you need something that would last for years, this is worth buying.

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