Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical

Last updated: August 9th 2016

The Sole Fitness E95 elliptical is designed for comfort and performance. It improves cardiovascular and muscular fitness while promoting weight loss. The 2013 design features a built in sound system, a silent whisper glide mechanism, a built in fan and 6.5” LCD screen to keep track of your workout. There are 20 different resistance settings, a ramp with a 40 degree incline and a 35 pound flywheel to personalize the amount of effort used to strengthen and tone all of your major muscles groups. In addition, the elliptical includes adjustable handles and foot pedals that have forward and reverse motions. You can maximize your workout with the heart rate sensor located on the stationary bar under or use the hands free chest strap that is also included to give a continuous reading of your heart rate.This elliptical made it to our top picks for the Best Elliptical Machines of the year.

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  • Awarded best elliptical
  • Easy to use electronic console with LCD screen, water bottle holder, cooling fan, mp3 player attachment and built in speakers
  • Power incline and resistance settings integrated into the handles for easy use.
  • Heart rate monitor on pulse grips and hands free chest strap.
  • Smooth natural motion, articulated through personal walking styles
  • Provides a total body workout
  • Revolutionary foot pedals developed to reduce the numb toe effect and knee stress
  • Stable design and strong frame that is engineered to support 400 pounds

The Good

Sole Fitness E95 Display ConsoleThe strongest features of the elliptical are it’s modern design that is built to last and it’s customized settings which can be personalized to each individual. This helps to achieve the specific quality of workout needed to gain the results that you are looking for. The quiet and comfortable handling of this impressive, affordable machine lasts for many years. Sole Fitness also offers warranties on their equipment at no extra cost.

When trying to lose weight or build strength and endurance this elliptical does the job. You will get great use out of this device, with the multitude of programs and settings to choose from. The elliptical is a premiere product that will get anyone out of a workout rut and back into an enjoyable workout routine, guaranteed to make each user burn calories and improve their fitness level.

This is the highest quality machine available that you can purchase at such a great value. It has no impact on the knees and can carry up to 400 pounds. The four rear wheels slide on 38 millimeter steel rails to reduce side to side foot pedal motion and provide stability while exercising. There are numerous ways to customize your workout with the power incline resistance settings and the adjustable footpads. The footpads are engineered to fit the precise way you walk and have a durable foam padding for a comfortable workout.

The E95 has all of the programs that you would expect from a gym quality trainer. It includes two heart programs, two custom programs and six standard training programs. You can also adjust the time and the intensity of the settings manually. The resistance and incline settings are located on the handles, for easy access, and under the large LCD screen. The mp3 connection, features play back options through built in speakers or there is a jack for headphones. Custom designed handle bars are made for an easy grip and they are also cushioned for comfort. The versatile settings allow you to do a more relaxing workout on your recovery days or exercise various muscles in your upper body while giving your lower body a less intense workout. You can also create a challenging entire body strength and cardio routine. The 40 degree power incline options and 20 resistance settings are made for beginners athletes.

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The Bad

The good by far outweighs the minimal flaws with the E95. Only a few minor problems are worth mentioning that can easily be remedied. The first is that the rails may get squeaky over time, but that is easily fixed by lubricating them. Secondly, the hand bar heart rate monitor is not as accurate as the included chest strap, but the chest strap is made to give a constant reading.

The exercise machine is somewhat complicated to put together and it can take around four hours to set up, but it is worth the time to put together properly. The instruction manual and trouble shooting videos on the Sole Fitness website walk you through each step. Customer service is knowledgeable and helpful at resolving any questions that may arise while putting it together. It is 58 inches x 83 inches x 32 inches and weighs 215 pounds so a second person may be required to help move it.

The Verdict

Woman using the Sole E95 EllipticalThe Sole Fitness elliptical has multiple advantages over competing high priced elliptical machines, such as the Life Fitness X3. It has revolutionary features designed by expert engineers and physical therapists that promote health and wellness. The benefits of this elliptical create the most effective workout and reduce the risk for common injuries that can be caused by poorly designed elliptical machines. The adjustable cushioned pedals establish a safe and comfortable surface that feels natural while exerting effort for any duration of time.

Easy operations of the settings and programs help you maintain your workout without having to inconveniently stop to change each function. The extensive incline and resistance options support a custom designed workout for cardio and all of the major muscle groups. The frame and base are developed to ensure a safe and supportive workout. State of the art components, such as the comfortable foot pedals and handle bars, LCD screen and speakers promote a favorable outlook on exercise, even for the most reluctant person. Overall, the pleasing features of this cutting edge cardiovascular machine provide an immense value and positive results.

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