Sole F83 Treadmill

Sole F83 Treadmill

The Sole F83 treadmill features a 3.25-horsepower continuous-duty motor. The console is outfitted with audio cable, integrated speakers and a 9-inch LCD display. It offers 6 standard pre-programmed workouts, 2 custom workouts and 2 HR-controlled workouts or users can set their own pace and incline as desired. This treadmill weighs 260 pounds and has a capacity of 375 pounds. It folds vertically and measures 33 x 80 inches when fully opened. The walking surface is 20 by 60 inches. The Sole F83 came on the market in 2010 and currently sells for $1,200.

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Best Features
While the Sole F83 has a wide variety of features for users, the most useful of these are:

  • Balanced flywheel design stabilizes the structure at higher speeds.
  • Continuous drive 3.25 horsepower motor allows for consistent speed while exercising.
  • Cushioning built into the flexible deck reduces the impact on the user’s knees, ankles and feet.
  • Control panel makes it easy to track progress during a workout and to obtain a recap of the workout once the routine is completed.
  • Performance tracking features include a chest strap and heart rate monitors so that serious athletes can attain their desired workout level.
  • Integrated sound cord is compatible with iPods and other music playing devices so users can exercise to the music of their choice.

The Good

Sole F83 LCD ConsoleThe treadmill’s design includes strong and sturdy components that do not flinch when the machine is used at a high speed. This allows serious runners to go at a fast pace without the machine vibrating or making loud noises. Because the unit has a heavy flywheel, the movement of the belt is smooth and fluid. Users do not have to worry about the machine suddenly speeding up or slowing down during the middle of a run.

The Sole F83 absorbs much of the impact while walking or running. This is helpful to people with foot or joint problems such as arthritis or plantar’s fasciitis. For people with lower back pain or achy hips, using this treadmill makes staying fit less painful than walking or running on asphalt or concrete. This feature is also useful for someone who is recovering from a foot or leg injury or who is a frequent runner and experiences a lot of stress on the ankle and knee joints.

Regular runners and serious athletes will appreciate this machine’s capacity for a long and strenuous workout session. The unit can incline up to 15 percent and when combined with the top speed of 12 miles per hour, users can mimic real-life conditions such as what might be experienced in a 5K race or a marathon. The treadmill holds up will with heavy daily use and is a good option for a person who plans to put many miles on the system.

While using the treadmill, making adjustments to the speed, incline or display is simple. There are two sets of controls, including one on the main console and another on the handlebars. The Sole F83 responds quickly and without jerky motions when the user wants to increase or decrease the speed or incline during a workout.

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The Bad

This is not a light machine and moving it to the place where it will be used requires at least two people. Because of its heft, putting the treadmill together is also challenging. The heaviness of the platform also makes folding the unit difficult even though the manufacturer claims it has a fold-assist function.

The motor is louder than “whisper soft” and occasionally makes a sudden loud noise while in use. Increasing or decreasing the incline also results in a lot of noise. When the treadmill is operating at a speed of over 5 miles per hour, the noise of the motor and belt is enough that the user will need to wear headphones, ear buds or turn up the TV to a high volume in order to hear anything other than the treadmill.

The Verdict

Sole F83 Folded ViewWith speeds from 0.5 to 12 miles per hour, this treadmill is an option for anyone who is new to working out as well as people who are looking to stay fit from the convenience of home. Because this treadmill has a large running surface, it works well for tall as well as shorter people. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty on the motor, deck and frame and a 5 year warranty on the electronics, belts and rollers. The speed, incline, console and workout options make this treadmill a great value for the price. A person who doesn’t need to have such high speeds might consider the Sole F63ProForm Power 995 or Weslo Cadence G5 which both retail for under $1000


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