Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Whey Protein

Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Whey Protein Powder

The Six Star Pro Nutrition Elite Series Whey Protein is a powerful shake you can use to begin gaining more muscle and better workout recovery. It has the right ingredients that are clinically recommended for gaining naturally leaner muscle that won’t cause you to bulk up oddly. Whey protein is really good for the body, but this takes the example of whey protein to another level through its nutritionally designed ingredient list. Russell Westbrook, All-Star Point Guard, knows how powerful this specific mix can be.

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Features of this Protein Shake:

  • It contains soy, milk, and wheat ingredients
  • Quick absorbing BCAAs help recover the body faster and quicker than normal
  • Studied Results that showcase EXTREME lean muscle growth
  • Multitude of flavors with a perfectly award winning taste that’s nearly perfect and always refreshing
  • You get 30g’s of quality protein per scoop

The Good

Tastes Good

The award-winning taste makes it perfect to drink throughout the day. It has all the amino acids and ingredients to help give you that perfect taste. A panel of chefs from the American Masters of Taste awarded this specific protein shake with Superior Taste when compared to the other brands. It has several flavors for you to choose from, but all of them taste perfect. It is crisp, clear, and it doesn’t taste like medicine.

Six Star Pro Whey Protein Powder Supplement FactsIncreases Recovery While Boosting Strength

It is filled with a ton of whey proteins that are micro-filtered. The BCAAs are fast absorbing, and the glutamine added all help to redox over the body after your workouts. Nothing is worse than drinking a milkshake only to find out that it won’t help your body recover or feel better. It boosts your energy and strength so that you are capable of working out even better next time. It helps develop the lean muscle while supporting the body effectively.

Better than Whey Protein

Taking whey protein alone is powerful, this specific one is even better because of the added ingredients it offers. It has been developed with better core ingredients, stronger clinically designed protein, and literally 0g trans fat and 0g Aspartame. It strengthens the body, recovers muscles faster, and really does the trick for gaining more muscle.

Isn’t A Weight Gainer

For so many of you guys, it could be that all you have to do is lose some fat and turn that body of yours into a lean mean muscle machine. This specific protein shake allows you to turn your body weight into real lean muscle. You don’t have to worry about gaining random pounds that is only fat which can be found from a weight gainer. This benefits even those of you who are slightly thinner who want to gain some real muscle steadily without having to add on tons of pounds ineffectively, so this shouldn’t be a problem for most of you.

Studies Show Its Effective Nature

It was shown in a study that lasted six weeks with 36 people that showed how effective this specific shake can be. They took 36 people with plenty of experience weight lifting. They separated all of them into three different groups, and one group took this specific whey protein plus product while others just took ordinary whey protein. The one group who took this shake gained 70% more lean muscle than everyone else. Its naturally effective design allows you to gain more muscle than most other protein shakes that have yet to be tested.

Use This As A Pre-Workout And Post-Workout Shake

The pre-workout shakes some guys buy usually are different from the post-workout shake that they use. It is definitely very tough to have to buy multiple shakes. This specific shake is an elite and beautifully crafted whey protein shake that you can drink both before and after every workout. Simply drink it 30-45 minutes before working out to let it digest, and then drink it straight after you’re done working out. Making sure to drink 10 glasses per day is very important to keep yourself hydrated correctly.

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The Bad

It Is Not A Weight Gainer

It isn’t exactly a weight gainer. To some, this is considered a benefit. However, this should make you aware of the fact that if you are a really skinny guy in need of a weight gainer, this may not be for you. If you are really underweight, you should try to bulk up as much as you can, and maybe a strictly weight gainer may be your biggest benefit. However, if you are the type of person who wants to gain lean muscle, this is still what you need to buy.

You Could Finish It Pretty Quickly

If you will be using it every day before and after your workouts, it can be finished quickly. Of course, this shouldn’t be a big problem for some of you since the results will begin and start to show, and you’ll be able to see how much muscle you have gained. It does have two pounds worth of powder to give you that lean muscle, and it does kinda last longer when compared to other shakes since it provides real results and has a ton of servings.

The Verdict

Is this worth it? Most definitely, yes. It can be the best way to get more muscle that won’t bulk you up in a large manner. It’ll help strengthen your body and provide you with the recovery you need for the day. It is very easy to see results because of how fast it absorbs into your body. It won’t damage your bones or muscles, but it will strengthen them slowly and powerfully. Get this if you want to turn your body into a lean muscle machine naturally.

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