Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

Last updated: August 9th 2016

The Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine currently sells for $749 on Amazon. It is an elliptical workout machine with preloaded programs, goal tracking software, LCD screens with user-defined feedback, different levels of resistance, and a USB port for phone charging or data exchange. It came on the market as part of Schwinn’s 2013 line. The 470 allows for 4 different user profiles, and each user can upload their goals and performance to the SchwinnConnect website or MyFitnessPal. The stride length is 20 inches and the machine has a maximum of 10 degrees of incline. The machine can take users with a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This elliptical made it to our top picks for the Best Elliptical Machines of the year.

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  • 13 different kinds of feedback for the user on 2 different screens
  • A USB port that can transfer data or charge up any kind of media device
  • 25 different resistance levels using a quiet flywheel
  • 29 customizable programs to guide a workout
  • Built-in fans and speakes for comfort
  • Heart rate monitor to ensure the user is in their optimal heart rate range
  • Ten year warranty on the frame

The Good

Schwinn 470 Console DisplayThe 470 is an excellent machine due to its connectivity features and comfort. The foot treads are large and comfortable. Little extras, such as the fans, make it easier to run longer and more intense workouts. The 20 inch stride length is comfortable for users of differing heights. The hand grips are steady and stable, and allow for the machine to track the user’s heart rate.

In terms of connectivity, the Schwinn 470 makes it easy to set goals and track performance. Users can link up the machine to their MyFitnessPal account if they have one, or to SchwinnConnect otherwise. These are both great resources for long-term guidance. Uploading and downloading data about goals and performance is all done through the USB port. The ease of use of the data features means that the machine is quite supportive of users who like to track their progress.
As far as actual use goes, the 470 has other good features. Users can alter the incline or the resistance of the machine while it is in use without interruption. While not quite as smooth as the top of the line elliptical machines, the 470 provides a good running experience. The machine’s 13 different feedback types include time, RPM, distance, pulse, speed, calories burned, resistance level, profile, a heart rate zone indicator, a completion percentage indicator, an intensity indicator, a user indicator, and goal achievement feedback.

For the price, the 470 provides most of the features of a high-end elliptical at a fraction of the price. It is a machine with good value for a customer who wants a good machine but feels that spending over two thousand dollars is out of their budget. Having four different user profiles makes them good for family use, and that dovetails well with the connectivity and data software. The heart rate monitor is a handy guide for knowing what the best level of exertion and intensity for a workout is, especially for users who are new to elliptical workouts.

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The Bad

Notable complaints about the Schwinn 470 include the assembly. The 470 does not come fully assembled. The user needs to spend about an hour of work putting it together in order for it to function. Some users reported that after completing the assembly, the machine did not turn on. Sometimes this was due to the power cable coming out during assembly or use, but in a few cases this reflected a problem with the machine’s internal parts, and required replacement parts and more assembly to fix.

Some shorter users also felt that the stride length was not a good fit for them. Others, who were about six feet tall, felt fine with the stride length. The 20 inch length is fairly standard on Schwinn models, although one model has a 17.5 inch stride and another has a 15 inch stride.

The Verdict

Schwinn 470 Pedal Close UpAlthough the 470 is not the perfect machine, it is an excellent buy at the normal price of $1299, and a steal when it is on sale. The elliptical has a wide range of features that are perfect for a group of people who will be sharing the same machine. The connectivity rewards tracking and goal setting. The programs are good for guiding a workout, as well as for standardizing a run. The comfort of the 470 is a big advantage. Few machines have built in fans and speakers for an elliptical marketed to home users, as opposed to gyms. On top of that, if the customer experiences any kind of problem with the machine upon assembly, the warranty will cover the cost of such an event. In terms of value, the 470 is a perfect mid-level elliptical machine for home users. The wide range of features is a great introduction to the possibilities of goals and performance tracking in comfort, and the 470’s programs are perfect for customers new to elliptical machines.

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