Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn 430 Elliptical

The Schwinn 430 elliptical machine came on the market in January 2014. It has been a top seller for the storied Schwinn brand. With a 20-inch stride and dual handlebars — one set moving, one set static — it offers a comfortable workout with the option of involving the upper body.

It also includes a digital computer capable of tracking heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled, and many other metrics. There are 22 pre-programmed workouts. Users can also program their own workouts from scratch.

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Schwinn 430 Digital Display

The suggested retail price for the Schwinn 430 is $999, but it is currently offered on Amazon for $599.

The Good

This elliptical is manufactured by Schwinn, a company with a long history of producing quality road and stationary cycles. The Schwinn 430 has most of the features you would find on a health club elliptical, but for a much lower price.

It is loaded with features, such as 10 levels of resistance which can easily be adjusted mid-workout with the push of a button. The six manually adjustable incline settings enable users to target different muscle groups by striding at different angles.

  • Its high-speed, high-inertia, perimeter-weighted flywheel allows users to stride smoothly with little to no discernible drag, even at higher resistance settings. This is possible because resistance is increased or decreased magnetically, not by applying friction on the flywheel.
  • Users can track heart rate during a workout by gripping either set of handlebars. This and other workout data can be exported via USB to fitness tracking web sites such as
  • The Schwinn 430 is equipped with several features designed to make workouts pleasant and comfortable for users, such as large, cushioned footplates; a three-speed fan; a media tray; a large water bottle holder; and a sound system.
  • The machine is easy to assemble, easy to move (transport wheels are included), and it comes with a nice warranty: 10 years on the frame; 2 years for mechanical issues; 1 year for electrical issues; and 90 days labor.
  • Users who own this elliptical machine give it overwhelmingly positive reviews. Most commented on how comfortable it is to use. One reviewer was a five-foot-two woman who wrote that she was just as comfortable using it as was her six-foot-five husband.
  • Also impressing users were the functionality of its built-in computer, its ease of assembly, and the surprisingly good sound quality from the built-in speakers.

Schwinn 430 Pedal Close Up
Over half of Amazon users who reviewed the Schwinn 430 rated it five out of five stars, with the majority of the remainder giving it four out of five.

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The Bad

While negative reviews of the Schwinn 430 were few and far between, there are a few minor issues with the product that were brought up by several users.

A few complained that the weight of the machine is cumbersome at 226.5 pounds. This can be viewed as a negative or a positive. A smaller person may find it inconvenient to maneuver the box inside from the front porch to begin assembly, but the payoff is a high-quality machine made out of durable components, which tend to be heavier than their cheap, shoddy counterparts.

Some owners wrote that the users’ manual provided insufficient instructions on how to track and program workouts using the display monitor. This will be no issue for computer-savvy users, but those who struggle with technology may be frustrated until they get the hang of it.

Finally, some users wished that the ramp incline could be adjusted electronically rather than manually.

The Verdict

For the price, there isn’t a better elliptical on the market. Even users who were used to working out in health clubs on commercial-grade machines reported that they could tell no discernible difference with this home unit. Health club devotees typically can detect an immediate and significant decrease in quality when they step on a piece of exercise equipment made for the home.

Users who want higher-end features such as an electronically adjustable incline and more pre-programmed workouts might want to take a look at the Schwinn 470, the “big brother” to the 430. However, the 470 is several hundred dollars more expensive, and other than the aforementioned minor differences, they are pretty much identical.

The final verdict is that the Schwinn 430 is a must-have for anyone who wants to work out on a gym-quality elliptical without the hassles of going to the gym.

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