Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike

The Schwinn 250 recumbent bike is a great bike that has a thick, padded seat that will keep people comfortable while they are working out. Due to its solid structure, it takes pressure quite well, and users will be able to get off and on the bike without the fear of tripping. People will not experience any wobbling thanks to the stabilizers at the back and front.

This is a revamped version of the 240 model. It is loaded with features to help minimize stress and impact on users’ joints. However, it retains all of the features that make its predecessor one of the best recumbent bikes on the market. With its affordable price tag along with great features, a single look at the Schwinn 250 is enough to determine that this is not a run-off-the-mill average bike.

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  • 20 pound flywheel
  • Two user profiles and 18 workouts
  • 16 resistance levels
  • Eddy current brake system
  • Polar wireless HR telemetry enabled
  • Aft/fore and angle adjustable console
  • Hand grip heart rate monitoring
  • Storage basket and rear stabilizers
  • Transport wheels
  • Two-Speed fan
  • Retractable reading rack and water bottle holder

The Good

There are a number of things that people like about this workout machine. One of these is the automatic workout tracking system. This software is capable of tracking independent users. Once their user account is set up, a person can view their workout statistics any time including their total distance traveled, their total time on the bike and their total calories burned.

Aside from that, per-workout averages are available with the single push of a button. This tracking system can also be used to create a personalized file that a number of preprogrammed routines utilize to make a biking workout unique to a user’s personal fitness level.

Another thing that people like about this bike is its hands-free cardiac rate monitor. Similar to other popular recumbent bikes, the Schwinn 250 has the capability to monitor a user’s heart rate through contact sensors on the handlebars. However, the Schwinn 250 takes it a step further by having an integrated receiver that works with the Polar Electro wireless cardiac rate transmitters and other models that are compatible with Polar.

Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike Console

The bike’s transmitters are designed to be comfortably worn around the user’s chest. People do not have to continuously grip the handlebars in order to keep track of their heart rate accurately. This capability is very useful for the bike’s workout routines that use heart rate information to trigger various stages of the workout.

The bike’s diverse preprogrammed workout options along with its 16 resistance levels are also strong points. This feature allows users to fine-tune the difficulty of their ride in order to achieve optimum workout results. Users can change their resistance level any time with the single press of a button. Workout options include circuits, hill climbs and pursuits in addition to a special fitness test and distance routines that help people set their fitness benchmarks to better gauge their progress over time.

If a person is planning to spend a lot of time in this bike, its diverse workout routines and precise resistance capabilities are especially useful in helping people push themselves to new fitness heights. This is not the case with other resistance bikes on the market as they can only deliver a maximum of around eight workout routines that are preprogrammed and eight resistance settings. The bike’s fan and integrated console speaker is also appreciated.

Even though the speakers will not completely blow the user away, they produce adequate sound and enable people to get the headphones off their head while they sweat their way through their workout. The LCD Display is also another great feature. It is larger and easier to read than the screens found on many recumbent bikes. Users like this because it provides them with great convenience especially if they put in a lot of time on the bike.

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The Bad

Some people are disappointed that this bike has a warranty period that is shorter than its competitors. Users only have a five-year warranty on the bike’s frame and a one-year warranty on brakes, electrical components and mechanical parts. However, other recumbent bikes that have the same features provide a full lifetime warranty on the brakes and frames along with a three-year warranty on electrical components and mechanical parts and a one-year warranty on labor.

Aside from that, some users complain that the seat cannot be easily adjusted while they are sitting. They have to get off the bike, pull out the screw, place it into the new hole and hope that they have set it right when they sit down again.

There are also reports that some people experience pedal slop and clicking noises. The control panel is flimsy plastic and rattles. People also do not like the fact that the bike now requires electricity to operate. This is not the case with its predecessor that is battery-powered. It also sits very low to the ground. If a person is tall, they will have a hard time sitting down. In addition, the bike has very little back support. Some people even claim that the seat appears to be set at more of a slant.

Even though it has a much larger display, some users reported that it is very difficult to read in even dim light. In fact, they said that the room has to be bright in order for it to be seen.

The Verdict

All in all, the Schwinn 250 Recumbent Bike is a great piece of workout equipment that is worth spending money on. It has a great design that enables people to take pleasure in every workout routine. Aside from that, it gives users all the options that they would normally expect from gym exercise bikes along with the overall durability and quality that only Schwinn can provide. If people want to experience exercising on a real road bicycle in the comfort of their home, this recumbent bike is definitely the obvious choice.

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