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Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor

By Tory Reiss / August 1, 2014

The Omron HR-100CN Heart Rate Monitor Watch is intended to be used to keep the heart rate in the appropriate zone during workouts. The system consists of a heart-rate monitor, that’s worn around the chest, and a watch-like receiver worn on the wrist that displays the heart rate. The chest belt can transmit up to […]


Omron HR-210 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

By Tory Reiss / July 29, 2014

300+ reviews The Omron HR-210 is a strapless heart rate monitor watch. Heart rate monitor watches are valuable tools for getting the most out of your aerobic and cardio workouts by helping to ensure you stay within your target heart rate zone. They can also be useful for increasing motivation, because they will help you […]