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Promera Sports Con-cret Supplement Facts

Promera Sports introduced Con-Cret Creatine to the market in 2011 and this performance enhancer has been a favorite of workout enthusiasts ever since. Formulated with a patented creatine hydrochloride mixture, this is the only pure bio-available creatine and has been scientifically proven to surpass all others. Your body’s cells uses creatine to produce energy. Without these molecules, your cellular metabolism and repair system works at a much slower rate. Your body will produce these molecules, but only half of the amount you need to completely rejuvenate the energy that has been lost.

Con-Cret gives your body creatine without all the harmful side effects. One scoop (1,000 mg) contains 750 mg of Creatine Hydrochloride (HCI) and other key ingredients Sucralose, Tricalcium Phosphate and other natural flavors. You can find Con-Cret online at with options of powder mix or easy to swallow capsules. The powdered formula ranges up to a 1.27 oz tub (48 servings) for $23.65 and the capsules up to a 72 count bottle for $39.99.

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Why Con-Cret over the competition?

  • Con-Cret is a pure and highly concentrated patented creatine hydrochloride molecule, providing all the benefits with no negative side effects
  • Maximum potency and highly soluble.
  • Provides more potency than monohydrate creatine and other competitors.
  • Does not require you to “cycle off” to stop usage.
  • Micro-Dosed so as little as a 1/4 tsp is needed per 100 lbs. of body weight.
  • Doesn’t contain fillers, sugar, binders or buffering agents.
  • Gluten free with non-meat components and zero calories.

The Good

Promera Sports Con-cret Supplement FactsWhat has made Con-Cret so popular with its users is the guilt-free benefits without the worry of nauseating side effects. Performance enhancers have a history of leaving you cramping, bloated and have other symptoms causing you to feel miserable after each use. Con-Cret doesn’t have any side effects so you can actually enjoy working out again. Secondly, you never have to feel like you’re cheating the system because this patented formula complies with all drug and supplement standards issued by amateur and professional athletic organizations. So you can safely use it before and during any competition without the worry of failing a single drug test.

Despite the negative impact the media has had on performance enhancers in the past, Con-Cret HCI is not a steroid but a supplement that helps supply the sufficient amount of creatine that your body can’t. So any sports and fitness enthusiasts looking to push themselves to the next level can use this product. Of course as with any alternatives, just make sure you consult with your doctor first.

Con-Cret HCI also scores high in the taste category too. Taste can be a deciding factor for some. No one enjoys a glass of gritty paste or a drink that has an after-taste for days. Unlike most powdered supplements, Con-Cret is highly soluble and available in a seven popular flavors including Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Fruit Punch and even un-flavored. Because of the high-soluble formula, you can even mix it with your favorite drink to conceal the taste completely.

Promera also offers Con-Cret HCI in pill form for those who prefer capsules over the powdered mixes. One pill per 100 lbs. provides all the great benefits of the powder mix in easy to swallow gel tabs. These tabs become very useful for the athlete who hits the gym after work.

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The Bad

Now, there are a few setbacks as well. Some of the other competitors in the performance enhancement market do offer better pricing for larger quantities. A 120 capsule bottle of “Kre-Alkalyne” has an average cost of $12.76 on however, you are back to dealing with the cramps and bloating as well. The actual serving size has been an issue for some too. A 1.27 oz tub states there are 48 serving per bottle. The suggested serving is one scoop (1/4 tsp) per 100 lbs. So if you’re a person that weighs 200 lbs. than you actually only get 24 servings at $24.00 a pop. This creates an expense that for many can be rather unaffordable.

Others have also complained about the powder mix hardening up after sitting in the cabinet for a couple of weeks. There could be a few factors that play a role in this. Depending on the temperature of the area the tub is sitting in, humidity could be allowing moisture to form inside the bottle causing the mixture to harden up. This would mean that one of Con-Cret’s best features (being highly soluble) could also be one of its major downfalls.

The Verdict

At the end of the day when you add up all of the pros and cons, Con-Cret is definitely a gold medal winner. The cost may be a little high considering you might not get the actual serving amount as listed on the bottle itself, but the positive benefits are priceless and always gives customers the best pricing available so the expense becomes more manageable. If you want a performance enhancer that leaves out the undesirable side effects, provides proven results that is 100% safe to use and a taste that doesn’t make you cringe before consuming it, than this is the right choice for anyone.

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