ProGear 275 Power Tower

Progear 275 Power Tower

If people are thinking of purchasing a fitness station, they are ready for a private, convenient workout that they could never get at the gym. Maybe they have spent countless years buying gym memberships only to struggle to find fitness machines to get the workout that they need. Maybe they are sick of driving across town to an overpriced facility where they do not know who has used the machine before or what germs they carry. Whatever the reason is, today we will take a closer look at the ProGear 275 Extended Weight Capacity Power Tower Fitness Station and see if it it’s a suitable accessory for your personal gym.

Priced at $171 with free shipping, this is a reasonably priced piece of exercise equipment that can help people achieve their fitness goals without spending too much money. Priced at $171 with free shipping, this is a reasonably priced piece of exercise equipment that can help people achieve their fitness goals without spending too much money,  enabling you to to strengthen and tone your biceps, triceps, back and shoulders.

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Best Features

  • Extended leg stabilizers with non-slip end caps
  • Two-inch thick cushions
  • Multiple grip capability that helps strengthen major muscle areas
  • Durable powder coated finish
  • Rotating handles that let people do chin ups
  • Reinforced steel frame

The Pros

Progear 275 Power Tower ExercisesThe machine is easy to assemble as the parts are already organized in stages. People do not have to guess what piece is used where. Aside from that, the assembly instructions are easy to read and understand.

What is even better is that all tools that people need to assemble the machine are in the package. Unlike other machines out there, it only takes 30 minutes to assemble the ProGear 275. Aside from that, people do not have to look for help when putting this machine together.

People also like the fact that this machine has d-shaped handles that allow for neutral grip pull-ups. They remarked that no other machines in this price range have this feature. Users also like the machine because it has a little step up protrusion that assists people in reaching the pull up handles. It also helps them get up easily to the knee raise position.

The pull up handles are a good distance apart and are angled down to help people’s wrist. The machine also has parallel handles so that they can do close grip pull ups. Unlike other exercise machines, performing pull ups on this machine is very easy.

Knee raises are also great. People like the fact the knee and dip raise assembly swings up and gets out of the way enabling them to easily perform their chin ups and pull ups.

Unlike other towers out there, the ProGear 275 takes up less floor space. This is because all of the exercises are on one side. Another thing that people like about this machine is that it has multiple options for hand positions for pull ups.

Users enjoy the forearm cushions. This enables them to have comfortable support while doing their exercises. This machine also has a reinforced steel frame that lets it support a maximum weight of 275 pounds.

People also like the fact that this exercise machine has extended leg stabilizers that are designed with non-slip end caps. This is because it enables them to efficiently and fully use the machine without any worry of losing their balance and unstable positioning.

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The Cons

Progear 275 Knee RaisesWhen assembling this exercise machine, some users claim that the holes do not line up well. Although it can be locked in place when lifted up to clear space for pull ups, the dip bar is not firmly locked when it is in the bottom position.

Not being locked in the down position does not help with affirming confidence in the safety of this machine. People claimed that the wrenches that are included in the package are useless. They have to use a crescent wrench and a ratchet to assemble this machine. People also hear a small piece of metal rattle on the upper handle bar when they are doing their workout.

The Verdict

The ProGear 275 Power Tower is undoubtedly a useful additional exercise machines that people can purchase. It offers innovative features that enable people to experience challenging workout regimes. What is even better is that it is not as expensive as other fitness towers out there.

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