ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

The ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill came to market in 2012. This workhorse treadmill features a quick incline and decline control that ranges from -3% to 15%. The 3.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor runs quietly even when the user is jogging. The full surface suspension cushioning helps reduce noise and lessen the impact on the user’s joints. The display is back lit and progress can be tracked using a racetrack style display. The treadmill reaches speeds up to 12 miles per hour and there are 24 pre-programmed workouts to challenge the user. On, it retails for $1,299.99. The console includes a fan to cool the user and there are ports to plug in an iPod for working out to music.

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The Good

A consumer who is looking for a good value, durable unit, and system that is up to date with the latest in fitness technology will like this treadmill by ProForm. The built-in features are easy to use even for those who have never been on a treadmill before.

  • Compact. The treadmill is easy to fold and flip up for storage. Even petite individuals can do so with ease.
  • The control panel is easy to read. The clear graphics and back lit design make it easy to decipher progress and select different modes of use.
  • As close to silent as it gets. The motor is quiet. Early birds or night owls can use this treadmill without worrying about waking up everyone else in the household.
  • Gym-quality equipment. The unit is solidly constructed. This treadmill was designed with heavy gym use in mind.
  • High capacity. The treadmill’s capacity is up to 350 pounds. People who are trying to lose weight can start out using this treadmill for their physical activity needs.
  • Technologically advanced. There is considerable built-in technology. Users can track their progress with the iFit application. iPads or iPods can be plugged into the treadmill for entertainment or tracking fitness. The built-in speakers and heart rate monitor work well.
  • Spacious. There is plenty of storage. A water bottle, TV remote, iPad, headphones, and cell phone can all easily be stored in the caddies of the unit.
  • Smooth incline. When increasing or decreasing the incline, the unit moves smoothly without shaking or creaking. The change in incline is accomplished with a minimal amount of noise.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Console Display

The Bad

Compared to its competitors, this treadmill has a small workout display screen and is missing the customizable workout features that other similarly priced and sized machines offer. Additional drawbacks of the treadmill include:

  • Additional fees. Users who want to engage with the iFit features must pay an additional monthly fee.
  • Difficult to customize. Users who want to input a calorie goal or duration goal for their walk or run cannot do so on the console of this unit.
  • Heavy. The treadmill weighs over 300 pounds. This makes moving the unit from one location to another difficult unless there are several strong people available to do so.
  • The treadmill is challenging to assemble. There are 29 pages of instructions and the owner must have their own tools and supplies to put the unit together.

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For the money, the ProForm 2000 is a good value. It offers challenging workouts and the ability for the user to enjoy their own entertainment while walking or jogging. The quietness of the motor while in use or changing the incline makes this system convenient to use at any time of day. The included technology is user-friendly. Those who do not want to pay for additional features such as fitness tracking can still get a thorough workout from this treadmill. The few drawbacks of this treadmill are inconsequential compared to its durability and ease of use.

People who want to enjoy more features such as a larger display, touch screen, full color display, or wireless chest strap for heart rate monitoring should consider the ProForm Pro 2500 which retails at $1,499.99 on Amazon or the ProForm Pro 7000 treadmill which retails at $1,999.99.

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