ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Machine Review

ProForm Activator V7 Vibration Machine

The ProForm Activator V7 is a high end vibration machine from ProForm. It uses full body vibration technology to rapidly contract the body’s muscles, which can help build muscle tone, lose weight, and strengthen bone density. The Activator V7 comes with a set of adjustable dumbbells, 30 second, 45 second, and 60 second timers, vibration intensities of 25, 30, and 35 hertz, a workout DVD, foot controls, and a stabilizing handle with a control console. It is black and silver with red accents.  It weighs 139 pounds and measures 31 inches long by 35 inches wide and 48 inches tall.

Proform Activator V7 Tread Drive Motor Model Number 147870

Best Features

The Activator V7’s best feature is simply its ability to deliver a high quality vibration experience. The combination of digital timers and a variety of vibration intensities makes it easy to calibrate a workout. The handle is easy to grip to make the vibrating panel easy to use. Adjusting a workout with the foot controls is also fast and easy.

What We Liked: The Pros

ProForm Activator V7 DemonstrationThe Activator V7 is the latest in a line of technology that takes advantage of the new theory of vibrational therapy. The platform vibrates rapidly at a predetermined frequency for a certain time, and the user stands on the platform while holding the handle. This can increase the effects of a normal workout when done in conjunction with a vibrating platform. Many such machines are quite expensive- the Activator manages to deliver the same vibrational experience as a much more expensive platform.

In addition, the Activator has a host of secondary attributes that give it even more value. For example, the instructional DVD can really multiply the outcome for the user. Following the DVD’s workout makes it much easier for the user to get good results. These results typically include weight loss and increased strength, with gains stronger than what they would be if they worked out without a platform.

The Activator V7 has a large platform, which makes it easy to do exercise on it. The Activator has a high quality tri-planar motor- cheaper machines don’t use motors of such quality. On top of that, the included settings are strong enough to make a real difference.

Proform Activator V7 Tread Drive Motor Model Number 147870

What We Didn’t Like: The Cons

A significant amount of buyers complain about the machine not working after they assemble it, and then being unable to get satisfactory responses from ProForm. It seems that the assembly stage is delicate, and that putting the machine together wrong or accidentally pinching the wires can result in the platform failing to work after assembly. For that reason, it is critical to follow the instructions very carefully. The Activator is a machine with electronic components and a motor. It needs careful attention during assembly.

As for the lack of customer support from ProForm, this is an ongoing theme with ProForm products. The company does make good quality machines, but when it comes to customer service their record is a little spotty. It might be a good idea to try to find someone with some experience assembling such machines to help. This is especially useful due to the platform’s price tag. Any machine over a thousand dollars needs to be treated with care, and when that machine needs assembly the care needs to be magnified.

The Bottom Line

For someone who is already used to working out at home and wants to increase the effectiveness of their workouts, the ProForm Activator V7 vibrating platform from ProForm might be just the trick. It can increase all of the beneficial effects of exercise, like weight loss, muscle gain, and better bone density, and it is fairly easy to use.

The one hurdle is the assembly, which some users have trouble with. Simply use care when assembling the Activator and avoid pinching the wires. The included DVD is a nice touch for teaching the user how to really take full advantage of the machine. The vibrating platform technology is a relatively new advance, and even considering that, the Activator V7 is not particularly expensive for the value you get.

The competition tends to be significantly more expensive for the same type of motor and a smaller platform- in those dimensions, the Activator is just about the best platform in its class. If you are interested in exploring vibration therapy, the Activator is a very good choice.

Proform Activator V7 Tread Drive Motor Model Number 147870

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