Polk Audio UltraFit 2000 Headphones

Polk Audio UltraFit 2000 Headphones

Comfortable, yet form-fitting, the Polk Audio UltraFit 2000 Headphones were created for the active runner or athlete. They feature an on-ear design, which allows for a balance between noise suppression and an awareness of surroundings. The headphones are designed with SecureFit support, giving the listener a tight fit over the ears and still maintaining comfort.

Polk Audio products are known for their superior sound quality, and these headphones are no different. Featuring tangle-free cords, they can be thrown into any gym bag without worrying about spending valuable time getting them untangled. For those with a IPhone or IPod, the headphones have a 3-button remote control on the ear to change tracks and perform other controls. They were first available on the market in 2011 and currently sell for about $50 on Amazon.com

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  • On-Ear 3 Button Remote Control – For Use With IPod/IPhone
  • Tangle-Free Cable – Oxygen free cables To prevent cable tangle
  • StrainGuard – Made with Kevlar core and computer designed transitional connections to avoid cable breakage
  • SecureFit Support- Made to provide a comfortable, yet tight fit
  • High Quality Sound- Full range of treble and bass to provide exceptional sound and performance
  • Moisture Shield- Prevents sweat and moisture from getting inside headphones under the most strenuous exercising
  • On-Ear Design- Provides light noise reduction, while still being able to be aware of what’s going on around you

The Good

Polk Ultrafit 2000 PackagingThere are many features to like about the UltraFit 2000. The design features Polk Audio’s SecureFit support, which makes the headphones fit tight, while still being comfortable. Because they are designed to fit securely, you can be confident that they will not fall off and will stay in place during your workout. Also, unlike many of the in-ear design headphones, they do not fall out of your ears and become loose when you sweat. The UltraFit 2000 is designed with a moisture shield that prevents sweat from getting into the headphones during intense workouts. For those that enjoy running or exercising outside, the on-ear design is also a perk. Because they are not placed directly in the ear, they still allow the listener to be aware of their surroundings, while providing light noise suppression.

The headphones have a sleek design, with all black plastic and a red rim around the ears. They are also available in grey with pink, grey with cyan, and white with orange. The UltraFit 2000 comes with built-in remote controls for the IPhone and IPod. The outside of the right earpiece features a play/pause button, volume controls, and track navigation. The cord is ultra flexible and oxygen-free to avoid getting tangled and unwanted microphonics. Featuring StrainGuard, the cord is made with Kevlar core and specifically designed to prevent cable strain and damage. The headphones also come with a carrying case, a pair of silicone ear pads, 2 pairs of foam ear pads, 1 pair of cold weather shearling ear pads, a Nokia phone connection adapter, and a shirt clip.

The warranty is one year, limited parts and labor. The best feature of the headphones are its sound. They deliver high quality sound by using drivers similar to those used in full size speakers. Featuring deep, accurate bass and crisp, clear treble, they compete with some of the best in the industry. Even when played at high volumes, the music does not distort or lose quality.

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The Bad

While the Polk UltraFit 2000 has many attractive features, there are still a few areas that it could improve on. The main issue with the headphones surround its durability over time. There are some reports that they do not hold up well under rigorous use. After a few months in some units, the sound on one side of the headphones begins to crackle or cut in and out. The on-ear design will also not be everyone’s preference. Most units fit well, but it does lack the ability to make any adjustments.

Some users may find the neckband to be annoying or get in the way if they are being used for anything other than exercising. The price is also somewhat high compared to other products in the same quality range. They started off lower than most of the competition, but have not dropped much since their release date, while the prices of similar models have dropped considerably.

The Verdict

Overall, the UltraFit 2000 gets a lot more right than it does wrong. The great sound quality and tight, comfortable fit set these apart from the competition. The remote capabilities with the IPhone and IPod also make these a great choice. The ability to perform multiple, remote functions directly from the headphones is very convenient. While there are a few users who have problems with the product’s durability, the majority are extremely satisfied. These are the headphones you need if you are set on a on-ear design. For those who prefer the in-ear design, the Sony XBA-S65, Sennheiser CX 680, or the Monster iSport Victory may suit you better.

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