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Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor Watch

The Polar FT60 Heart Rate Monitor is an excellent fitness product for anyone that is seriously committed to getting the maximum results out of their workout regimen. Suitable for running, weightlifting and even swimming, this heart rate monitor allows users to set personal goals, telling the users how much and when to train. Additionally, the product gives users feedback on their training goals and workouts, and the advanced training program even allows users to set new training goals and targets based on this feedback.

The product comes in a variety of stylish colors for men and women, and on Amazon the heart rate monitor for men has two color options. The first option is black with a red display, and the second option is black with a white display. The black monitor with the white display is the best recommendation since it is both stylish and the lowest price at $111.11 on Amazon.

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  • Training Programs That Are Personalized with Easy to Understand Training Programs
  • Training Programs Reward and Motivate When Goals Are Achieved
  • Five Minute Fitness Test Allows Users to Track Improvements
  • Comes Equipped with Extremely Comfortable Fabric Transmitter Strap and Coded Heart Rate Transmisison to Avoid Annoying Cross-Talk
  • Displays Calories and Fat Burn Percentage
  • Stores 100 Training Files
  • Outstanding Backlight Makes Indoor Exercising a Breeze
  • Compatible with Optional Speed and Distance Sensors

The Good

Polar FT60 with chest strapA mention of the unique benefits that this monitor provides has to start with its excellent training features. Its STAR Program makes the heart rate monitor both easy to set up and use, and the programs themselves are easy to understand as well. For each training program, the FT60 will ask a user their weight, weight loss goals are, the user’s fitness level and other easy to answer questions. Once a user inputs this data, the FT60 creates the proper training plan and the user can begin training! As an example, the monitor might advise that someone of relatively good fitness should workout for five hours a week and burn around 3,500 calories.

Once the program is set, it is up to the user to get working! This could involve going for a run, using the treadmill or even swimming. Swimming is mentioned specifically here since many competing heart rate monitors do not function too well under water. Amazingly, this product has no issues with receiving an accurate signal under water. Swimming enthusiasts, then, would be wise to put the Polar FT60 on their short list of great heart rate monitors to purchase.

The product also comes with an awesome feature that performs a five minute fitness test and tracks performance improvements from the user. For anyone that takes fitness seriously, this is an awesome feature. Getting feedback and making gains and fitness improvements is one of the most addicting parts of a fit and healthy lifestyle. This product dangles that reward like the proverbial carrot on a stick, making it an awesome monitor for those needing an extra push of motivation.

Additionally, the Weblink software that Polar provides is worth a mention. Users can download and install the software that is easily available on Polar’s website, and the process is easy and painless. Once the process is completed, users can sync all of their data in the FT60 with the polarpersonaltrainer.com site within a matter of moments. The site allows users to quickly review and even edit workouts, while seeing training targets for the week as well. In all, the website is highly useful.

Finally, the product is easily customizable so that it can be molded into a product that can suit event the most demanding fitness needs. Additions like speed and distance sensors can be added to make this product even more compelling than it already is.

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The Bad

Of course, there are some drawbacks to the product since no fitness product is perfect. One potential drawback is that the heart rate monitor is not as stylish as some, with only two style choices for men. Still, rest assured that those two choices are incredibly attractive. Besides, a heart rate monitor’s aesthetic appeal should be way down on the list of important buying criteria.

A final minor criticism is that the product is not cheap at its full price of around $240. However, this is completely moot since it is currently on offer for just $111.11 on Amazon. So, potential buyers would be wise to act on this incredible offer and get the Polar FT60 heart rate monitor sooner rather than later.

The Verdict

This heart rate monitor from Polar could not come more highly recommended. The product is absolutely loaded with features and options that make it a satisfying heart rate product. Even better, it can be customized with additional add-ons to make the product even more compelling than it already is.

It is certainly true that the FT60 could have more color choices, but that really shouldn’t be why anyone chooses a heart rate monitor anyways. Also, while it is expensive at its normal full price, that is also not an issue since Amazon is currently offering the product at an incredibly low price. As such, potential buyers would be wise to recognize the incredible features that this product offers and seize the opportunity to buy this monitor at a much lower price than is typical.

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