Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

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The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is used to help improve fitness training. The Polar FT4 provides accurate and constant heart rate information that makes fitness training simple. This monitor offers several innovative features that include training files and age-based target zones. There is also a smart calorie feature that offers an accurate amount of calories burned based on personal data. The Polar FT4 incorporates a heart rate chest strap that is crafted using a soft fabric that forms to the shape of the body. This device can also connect with compatible gym equipment via GymLink. The Polar FT4 is currently available on Amazon for only $59.89 (includes free shipping).

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The Good

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Side ViewPolar created the first heart rate monitor. This company also developed Smart Coaching that provides better results and quicker progress. Every Polar device incorporates Smart Coaching features that track heart rates and provide data that allow users to train smarter.

  • This monitor is ideal for active users that need to track burned calories and workout intensity.

The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor continuously monitors real-time heart rates while exercising. This data helps users gauge workout intensity and remain within a specific target zone. The Polar FT4 is perfect for maximizing workout efforts. Some users on Amazon suggest that this device is similar to having a personal trainer on the wrist. The device helps to let users know when to speed up and when to slow down. The Polar FT4 is an excellent heart rate monitor. More importantly, this is an impressive device for a reasonable price.

  • The Polar FT4 offers a good balance between features and functionality.

Polar has developed an excellent reputation for providing quality heart rate monitors and the FT4 lives up to expectation. The FT4 is a step above many low-end heart rate monitors in a similar price range. The Polar FT4 incorporates a flexible and comfortable chest strap that is machine washable. However, the transmitter should be removed prior to washing.

  • The Polar FT4 is an attractive heart rate monitor watch that offers several useful features.

The display on the watch is easy to read and the features are simple to use. It allows the user to toggle between calories burned, time display, heart rate, and workout duration. Currently, the watch is available in both bright and neutral colors. However, the more popular models include the brighter colors.

There are some users that are skeptical of the ability of the Polar FT4 to calculate the number of calories burned based solely on the heart rate. However, the calories burned feature produces considerably accurate numbers. Unlike many other monitors, the Polar FT4 allows the user to turn off the beeping sound. Although the default setting incorporates a beep when the monitor is working, this noise can be muted.

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The Bad

The Polar FT4 is a quality heart rate monitor; however, the device has a few drawbacks. There are several improvements Polar can implement to make this heart rate monitor more functional.

  • The FT4 does not offer any high-tech features.

The monitor is a low-end model and does not offer many of the useful features that high-end models offer. These features can include an accelerometer or GPS. Another feature that the FT4 should include is an interval timer.

  • The monitor is easy to use; however, there is a lack of adequate instructions.

Some users on Amazon suggest they require more in-depth operating information. In some cases, users must access the website in order to answer specific operating questions. There is an option online to download the user manual.

  • The FT4 also offers an online tracking feature that can be somewhat misleading.

The instruction manual states there is an ability to track data via the website. Many users believe this feature offers a method to send workout data wirelessly to a computer. However, this feature simply allows the user to register and manually enter the data.

The Verdict

The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch is a useful device for fitness enthusiasts. This heart rate monitor is perfect for counting burned calories and improving fitness. The Polar FT4 heart rate monitor incorporates some nice features and includes an attractive watch. Although there some features that are not offered by the FT4 such as GPS and an internal timer; the device is comfortable to wear and easy to use. There are several other heart rate monitors that include advanced features that cost considerably more. These devices include the Garmin Forerunner and the Polar RCX5. These devices can cost a couple hundred dollars; however, the price includes increased functionality and enhanced features. Overall, the Polar FT4 is an excellent monitor for the price and a good value for any user that desires to improve and monitor their level fitness.

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