Plantronics BackBeat GO 2

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Earbuds

The Plantronics BeatBack GO 2 headphones are earbuds designed for listening to high-quality audio while on the go. As a premium headphone brand, Plantronics makes some of the best headphones available in the marketplace today. As with the brand’s other products, these headphones offer exceptional audio quality with rich bass and a wide range of frequencies.

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As a set of wireless headphones, they offer 4.5 hours of listening time on a single charge. Additionally, the headphones can maintain their charge for at least 10 days without needing to be recharged when in “hibernation” mode. The headphones are Bluetooth-enabled to allow for calling and are versatile to fit many different wearing styles.


  • Crisp Audio – When using these headphones, users can enjoy rich bass and natural high-tones to bring out the best of any audio file. This means the headphones can be used for watching movies, listening to music, and talking on the phone.
  • Military-grade Waterproofing – When on the go, headphones will frequently be moved around and potentially exposed to damaging water. With these headphones, users can rest assured that they are waterproof enough to withstand rain storms or humidity from the environment.
  • Control Buttons – These Plantronics headphones come with control buttons that allow users to skip tracks, answer calls, and much more with programmable buttons.
  • Extended Battery Life – With 4.5 hours of listening time that is good for 10 days, users are free to use the headphones even on long trips.
  • Third Generation – Continuing to evolve, these headphones are in their third generation and offer buyers the refinement that has been associated with the Plantronics brand and name.

The Good

Plantronics Beatback GO 2 CaseOne of the best features of these headphones is the exceptional audio quality that they have. The 6mm speaker system has managed to include the rich sound quality that audiophiles search for in headphones. The bass response is particularly striking when listening to music or watching movies. Explosions and gunshots come to life when watching movies with these headphones. In fact, the sound quality is so good that the headphones can even be used at home while not traveling around.

Another great advantage of these headphones is their ability to be used while working out. Since the headphones are waterproof, users don’t have to worry about them breaking from sweat created during a vigorous workout. Even during a sweaty workout, these headphones continue to function with full audio quality. It is also nice to know that the headphones won’t stop working during an unexpected downpour.

The headphones come with a blinking LED status light that makes it clear that the headphones are charging. Many smaller headphones leave this out, which causes users to accidentally not charge headphones because they are not plugged in. With the built-in buttons, users are free to change tracks and interact without needing to turn on the device. This can be particularly helpful when the device is in a pocket while running.

Plantronics has also taken efforts to ensure that the headphones are extensively customizable. The default package includes three different eartip sizes to ensure that they can fit any size ear without falling out. Depending on how the headphones are being used, the buttons can control different functions to interact. This is a very useful feature that is easy to underestimate.

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The Bad

One downside of these headphones is that they do not include a charging case. This item has to be purchased separately from the manufacturer. While not especially important, this can be useful for many users who worry about losing their charger while on the go. Of course, users are free to purchase the charging case for just a bit extra so this is a minor concern.

While the headphones offer echo cancellation, they do not have full noise cancelling features. When on a plane where there is loud noise, it is nice to have noise cancelling to drown out some of this sound. It is also nice to have noise cancelling when trying to concentrate, since even in good office environments there is often some background noise. For users who want these features, they will need to look elsewhere in the Plantronics product range.

The Verdict

Overall, these headphones offer exceptional value for use at home, in a car, on a plane, or even in the office. The Bluetooth features allow the headphones to be used when on the phone as an alternative to holding the phone during the entire call. The waterproofing also is a big plus for these headphones, since small earbuds are often vulnerable to water damage.

For people in the market for a good pair of headphones, these might be some of the best on the market. From the battery life to the comfort features, these headphones are designed to help a wide range of users enjoy high-quality audio for many different applications. Headphone buyers should certainly consider these headphones when in the market for a new pair of earbuds.

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