Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II

Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II

For the exercise fanatic that wants an all in one strength training solution, the Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II delivers an impressive set of features to help you reach your goals. This power tower allows you to use your own body weight to strengthen, tone and build the major muscle groups in both the upper and lower body. Manufactured in China in 1998 by Phoenix, this exercise system promises long lasting durability and quality performance.

Its steel body construction makes it almost indestructible while maintaining its lightweight and compact frame. The system, which is available only in black, features steel and iron bars with foam grip padding for comfort and ease of use. The Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II retails for $147.97 on Amazon and includes free shipping.

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Top Features:

  • Multiple stations for chin ups, pull ups, dips and sit ups
  • Adjustable can fit exercisers in a range of sizes
  • Compact and perfect for small gyms
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sturdy construction—no rocking during workouts

The Good

The Phoenix 99403 is definitely one of the better choices for the exerciser who wants an all in one power tower solution. Providing the ability to perform multiple exercises including dips, pull ups and push ups, the Phoenix eliminates the need for multiple equipment. Able to accommodate a 250 pound adult, the Phoenix is versatile enough to fit the needs of most consumers. Its lightweight construction means you can move it easily from one part of your gym to another, making it easy for you to create a circuit and move from one workout to another quickly.

Users who have purchased this system report that its utility lies in its simple lines and ease of use. The clearance of the system makes it easy enough for a person over 6 feet, yet convenient enough for a shorter person to use without problems. Because the unit allows you to use your body weight to build muscle, it is perfect for both new exercisers and veterans alike.

With sturdy pull up handles, the system can withstand repeated use and heavy body weights. The pads retain their thickness, even after many months of daily usage, and are porous enough to stay fresh under high moisture conditions. Because of its compact size, this home gym is perfect for small spaces such as apartments or basements with low ceilings.

This power stand has also been used in professional gyms to complement existing equipment. Gym owners find that the machine allows users to complete multiple workouts without having to use multiple machines. With easy to clean surfaces and no small parts to replace, this power stand is a good deal for any gym, large or small that wants to add to its inventory. Many gym owners have reported satisfaction with the system and have added several to their equipment offerings. Phoenix is a popular choice for gym owners as the company also manufactures recumbent bikes, benches and other freestanding gym equipment.

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The Bad

The system is a bit on the narrow side, so if you are a person with a wide chest, the space can make it somewhat hard to maneuver. Many people have reported problems with assembly, citing missing screws and inadequate instructions as two of the system’s major downfalls. Some users report that the handle grips don’t provide adequate comfort and can cause the hands to become calloused after repeated use. For the price point, it represents a good value, although some have complained that there are less expensive products that perform the same function.

Some taller users (over 6’3″) have reported that their shoulders hit the pull up bar while they are performing dips. This problem can usually be solved in assembly by adjusting the height on the unit.

The Verdict

Overall, the Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II is an excellent value for the price and will probably provide a thorough workout to most users. With the ability to perform multiple functions, a sturdy frame and lightweight construction, this home gym will fit the needs of exercisers who need a quick workout at home and the ability to strengthen both the upper body and the core without a full gym.

For the price, it is one of the most comprehensive of its type, providing an effective workout. Phoenix is one of the major manufacturers of home gym equipment and offers a full line of stationary bikes, treadmills and weight lifting equipment. While a few users have complained of problems with assembly, the majority of exercisers report overall satisfaction with their units and would recommend the Phoenix 99403 Power Stand II to a friend.

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