Perfect Pushup Elite

Perfect Pushup Elite

The 2014 model of the Perfect Pushup Elite features a patented rotating handle that not only reduces strain on the wrist but also involves more muscles in performing the pushup. The wider, padded handle increases comfort, while the steel ball bearing system creates smooth rotation. The spiral pattern molded into the pad on the bottom of the Perfect Pushup Elite prevents sliding, adding stability. The Perfect Pushup Elite supports up to 400 pounds (136 kg) and can be used with a weight vest. Currently, it sells for $29.77 on

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  • Rotating handles reduce joint strain.
  • Rotating handles also engage more muscles in performing pushups.
  • Performing pushups with the equipment targets upper back, arms, chest, and core muscles.
  • Steel ball bearings create smooth rotation.
  • Strong, quality construction.

The Good

Pushup bars remove the strain from the wrist by allowing the wrist to remain parallel to the arm rather than at the sharp angle created by doing pushups on the floor. This is especially helpful to heavier exercisers and those with weak or injured wrists. One user, whose fused wrist made it difficult to perform some of the exercises in a yoga class, found that the Perfect Pushup Elite was the perfect solution and carries it to the class. The patented rotating handle of the Perfect Pushup Elite also provides other benefits. The rotation allows the arm to move more naturally as you raise and lower yourself, further reducing strain. The rotation also engages more muscles by preventing the larger, stronger core muscles from taking on the workload to compensate for other smaller, weaker muscle groups such as those in your shoulders and upper back. The work of performing the pushup is distributed more evenly among these muscle groups, which strengthens them all. Pushups done with the Perfect Pushup Elite involve and strengthen the triceps, shoulders, upper back, chest, and abdominal core muscles.

Perfect Pushup Elite in action

The 22 workout videos on the manufacturer’s Web site demonstrate exercises targeted at a variety of fitness goals. The exclusive two-minute drills included in the downloadable 21 day exercise program can be modified to fit the needs and capabilities of beginners through advanced users, but they are designed to encourage beginners to add additional sets as they progress. Most users reported satisfaction with the Perfect Pushup Elite, with the workouts provided, and with the fast, visible results.

Each pushup bar weighs two pounds for a total of four pounds. With the grip on the handles, the bars could serve as stand-ins for free weights. They measure eight inches (20.32 cm) in diameter and four and one-half inches (11.43 cm) high. The small size and light weight makes them easily portable for travel.

The Perfect Pushup Elite is designed to be comfortable and durable. The wide, padded, rubber handles are grooved for a secure grip. The spiral, gripping pattern molded in the thick, rubber pad on the bottom was inspired by off-road tread designs and creates such stability that users said that they only needed to grip the handles loosely. To reduce weight, high impact plastic is used where it is adequate, but metal is used where strength is needed.

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The Bad

Because the rotating handle does spread the work of doing a pushup to more muscle groups, it makes pushups more difficult. Consequently, those who lack upper body strength and a certain minimal amount of fitness reported that the Perfect Pushup Elite was difficult or impossible for them to use or required so much effort that it discouraged them. Performing knee pushups might help.

The Perfect Pushup Elite comes with minimal exercise instructions because the manufacturer relies on onsite videos to demonstrate proper form for the exercises. Some users found this inadequate.

Some users with small hands felt that the handles were too wide, but others relied on the stability of the pushup bars, barely gripping the handles at all. One user found that, in spite of the tread on the bottom, the Perfect Pushup Elite did slide on wood floors. Others reported that the handles became slick with sweat during workouts. Users recommended gloves and floor mats.

The Verdict

Although the exercises provided on the manufacturer’s Web site can be modified for those at all fitness levels, the rotating handle may still make the Perfect Pushup Elite too demanding for those lacking in some minimal level of fitness and upper body strength. However, most users were pleased with the equipment and reported no problem with using it. They also reported pleasure at seeing results quickly. In addition, the exercises encourage users to keep raising their fitness goals. Increasing the intensity of the exercises and adding a weight vest raises the workouts to the greater challenge required by more serious athletes.

Most users reported no problem with gripping the wider handles or with slipping. For safety, though, it might be wise to add a mat for those who plan to use the Perfect Pushup on waxed wood or tile floors.

Several users commented that the small size and light weight of the equipment made it perfect for travel.

The Perfect Pushup Elite is inexpensive; it requires little space; it is easy to use; and it is portable. It can be adapted to the needs of a wide range of users. The rotating handle makes it especially helpful to those with weak, injured, of fused wrists. For these reasons, the Perfect Pushup Elite is a very good purchase for most people.

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