Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer

Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer with Tri-Axis Technology

The Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer is high quality product, reasonably priced, and fully functional pedometer. It came on the market in mid-2012 and has been consistently improved to provide better set up and customer service. It is intended for average walkers, joggers, and runners, as well as professional 100-mile mega-runners. Unlike other models, this Ozeri accurately monitors and records your workout and exercise time in any position. The unit does not need to be upright to accurately record.

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This black or gray Ozeri digital pocket pedometer weighs approximately 1.3 ounces, measures 3.1” x 0.5” x 1.4”, and runs on a required CR2 battery, which is included with the pedometer unit.

Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer features include:

  • Advanced Tri-Axis technology
  • A 3D Sensor that provides enhanced step count accuracy in any position
  • New Steps2Target programming
  • LCD graphical display readout
  • Built-in 30-day memory
  • Clock, Calendar, Sports Timer, and Auto Sleep Mode technology.

The 4x3sport is the most advanced 3D pedometer on the market for the price. The unit is available on Amazon.com at a list price of $39.95; sale price of $24.73.

The Good

Ozeri 4x3 Sport Pedometer AccessoriesCustomer reviews generally rate the Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer 4.5 to 5 stars. Many claim it is a “great motivator,” citing how the New Steps2Target feature allows you to see your progress on the bigger readout.

Customers cited, among the most positive aspects, its ready-use. It ships with a lithium battery, lanyard, belt clip, free armband, and instruction manual. “Clear instructions made the programming of the 4X Sport painless.” Customers appreciate how easy the unit is to initially set, program, and use, only needing to determine one’s stride or pace.

Still others tout its high accuracy, tracking, and recording “30 days worth of data making it easy to set goals to improve your activity level” day to day.

Customers who utilized it, cited “great customer service” accessible via website email, and satisfactory warranty replacement.

The Sleep Mode was liked. A touch of a button or a tilt of the unit wakes up the screen. No data is lost. It also displays an auto power down, which saves the battery.

Customers are happy with their purchase. “For such a small pedometer, it can do just about everything.” So compact. “Stick it in my pocket and go.” They “love all of Ozeri’s high quality products with an affordable price tag!”


  • The most advanced technology to record daily steps, stairs climbed, distance covered, calories burned, and overall exercise time
  • Counts up to 1 million steps
  • A 30-day built-in activity memory
  • An enhanced sensory system that provides step count accuracy regardless what position the unit is in – flat, sideways, upside-down
  • The Steps2Target feature that tracks and calculates steps toward your daily target
  • Slim design, larger buttons, and larger readout.

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The Bad

The biggest customer complaint is the memory. Where a 30-day memory is advertised, many customers complain they were only able to save a maximum of seven days of activity in the unit’s memory. One toggles through the memory setting to show one, two, three … days up to seven days. It seems anything prior to seven days falls out of memory and the readout recycles to the present day.

Another major concern was the battery life. One customer complains after six months of usage, the pedometer went “dead.” The battery replacement and reset did not restore the unit. Among other drawbacks was the length of the clip that attaches to the case.

Comparatively the Ozeri lacks features its closest competitors may have, such as:

  • It is not water resistant
  • Has no backlight
  • Has no GPS function
  • Has no transmitter
  • Does not have a rechargeable battery.

Currently the pedometer on the market that is the best selling for its accuracy is the Polar Loop Activity Monitor. It shows how active you have been during the day, tracks activities on five levels from rest to high, counts daily steps, and long term physical activity, and boasts to be “the most accurate calorie counter on the market.”

However, it is three times the price of the Ozeri Digital Pedometer.

The Omron HJ322 TriAxis Activity Monitor Pedometer has a comparable price to the Ozeri. It has Omron Tri-Axis Technology, and automatically uploads data at no charge by plugging into a USB port. The Omron has four tracking modes and two types of steps (regular and aerobic), daily auto-restart, and a weekly storage log as well as 22-day activity storage.

The Fitbit similar features as the Ozeri 3D Pedometer and is twice the price. Activities may be recorded online and stored. It also records stair steps. The Fitbit may determine how well you sleep and it is rechargeable.

The Verdict

Other conventional pedometers at the Ozeri’s price lack accuracy when they are not placed vertically on a belt and miss steps. The digital 3D sensor is proved to be far more accurate than mechanical sensors used in other latest generation pedometers.

Reviews advise to do the entire set up all at once at the beginning. Measure your steps at different levels of activity at the beginning for greater accuracy. The Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer filters out vibrations. It will only begin counting steps after it detects a sequence of continuous steps.

The Ozeri 4x3sport ships with a lithium battery, lanyard, belt clip and instruction manual.

The Omron HJ322 TriAxis Pedometer has a comparable price and a few more features. However, one needs to determine what features are applicable to one’s workout and what features are an additional cost which will never fully be used.

Why Buy

The Ozeri 4x3sport Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer is an ideal product for its price range. It is small in size but lacks none of the standard features, and operates on the latest technology.

  • Slim, lightweight, and easily carried
  • Does not lack accuracy or fail to perform accurately if turned on its side or out of a stable position
  • Very affordable
  • Standard features competitors have as well as clock, calendar, stop watch, and auto sleep technology.

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