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Platinum Hydro Whey Supplement Facts

Optimum Nutrition’s Platinum Hydrowhey Protein is Optimum Nutrition’s most advanced protein powder yet. It consists of ultra-pure hydrolyzed whey protein isolates geared toward rapidly getting the protein into your system to increase recovery rate. Each serving also includes micronized BCAAs and has been instantized to mix effortlessly with water, milk and other beverages, negating the need for a shaker cup or blender. It works best taken before cardio or weight training to spare muscle tissue and 30 to 45 minutes after to kick-start recovery. Available in a variety of sizes and flavors, this is one of the most versatile performance enhancers Optimum Nutrition makes.

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  • 6 different flavors
  • 4 different sizes
  • Made with advanced Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolates
  • 30g of whey protein per serving
  • 8.8g BCAAs per serving
  • Single source protein

The Good

Platinum Hydro Whey Supplement FactsHydrowhey is perfect if you are looking for a single-source protein made from only pure whey isolate free of unnecessary components like cholesterol or fat. This whey is further optimized by being broken down into smaller units to increase absorption rate. The mixture is then enhanced with the naturally occurring BCAAs leucine, isoleucine and valine to reduce serotonin levels in the brain thereby lowering mental fatigue and keeping you focused on your training for longer periods of time. They also reduce muscle fatigue, aid in recovery and decrease the loss of other amino acids from the muscles. With such a combination, the protein is utilized as thoroughly as it possibly can be by the body.

Optimum Nutrition is also a very well-known and trusted brand when it comes to protein supplement manufacturers. Hydrowhey is no exception to their line-up in terms of quality. Their flavors taste great and even though they are named after milk products, it contains no lactose, giving lactose intolerant users a protein supplement they can enjoy without worrying about any allergic reactions. It also mixes with just a spoon as purported by the company. Many even mix it with fruit and vegetable shakes for an added boost. Being so popular, it is offered in 4 different tub sizes including a 1 pound pack of 3, 1.75 pound, a 1.75 pound pack of two and 3.5 pounds, saving you from having to invest in a product you may or may not find useful for achieving your goals.

As for results, if taken as recommended both before and after your workout, it does wonders. Because of its hydrolyzed protein isolate, it begins working immediately, allowing you to start your routine right after drinking it. Its 30 grams of protein to a mere 2 grams of carbs per serving is a great ratio when you are working to decrease your carb intake without sacrificing protein. Many users back this brand as one of the best, if not the best, protein shakes on the market for those that have issues digesting proteins and intensely training athletes undergoing rigorous sessions.

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The Bad

While highly spoken of by its supporters, it is incredibly expensive. Pricing in at $57.49 for only 40 scoops, if you plan on taking this twice on every day you work out, plan on spending well over $100 every two months to keep your supply stocked. While some need an intense protein powder to keep gaining, if you are looking for more for your money, Dymatize Iso-100, for instance, is far more affordable and does about the same thing.

In terms of side effects, even those without lactose intolerance have noted having stomach aches immediately after drinking. One user sipped it over the course of two hours and this worked to prevent the stomach pains. Either way, if you plan on spending as much as you will to try it, go with the smallest size. This way, you’ll know immediately if it affects your stomach and can stop taking it with no adverse effect on your wallet.

Finally, though the flavors are loved by users, do not order vanilla. Every single user that loves the product always warns to stay away from vanilla. It is disgusting.

The Verdict

ON’s Platinum Hydrowhey is an optimized, single-source protein formula derived from high-quality whey. This whey is then broken down so as to increase absorption rate to the point that waiting for it to work is negligible. Because it is recommended as a pre-workout formula, BCAAs have been added to ensure an alert brain for the duration, keeping you focused on increasing your gains. The post-workout recommendation is there to aid in a decreased recovery time.

Because it is of such high standards, this is an expensive protein powder with each serving costing well over $1.00. Though lactose free, there are a few users that mention having some stomach issues after ingesting it. While many found ways to work around this, others felt that they were stuck with a tub they couldn’t finish and had wasted their money.

Hydrowhey is proven effective and has a large following of those that have benefitted from its results. Due to its cost, it is not recommended for those just starting out with supplements because pure protein may not be what your routine needs. It is definitely aimed toward those that are continually performing high intensity workouts and need a powerful, fast working protein to keep taking things past their limit.

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