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Operation FIT BEARD: Tim’s Personal Fitness Challenge

Fit Beard

Fit BeardWhat is Operation FIT BEARD?

Operation FIT BEARD is a crazy idea I had for my own brand of fitness challenge. It’s simple, and it works like this: I will grow my facial hair until I reach my desired level of fitness. In this case, I want to try to get as lean as a “physique competitor” which is around 8% body fat.

Why am I doing this?

A couple reasons.

A) Beards are sweet and I’ve never had one

B) At my peak I lost 140 lbs (I was wayyy to skinny though!) and over the past 5 years since than I’ve lifted 3-5 times a week and have gained at least twenty pounds of muscle and am the strongest I’ve ever been. With it though, some unwanted fat. From having a sedentary new job, to gaining a little happy fat from a new girlfriend, to just being social with new friends and coworkers, I added a few pounds of unwanted weight.

I want to continue to be a role model for people trying to lose weight and get fit and it only makes sense that I do something creative that will push me to my goal. It will be cool to have a beard whose length correlates with my time of dieting and training.

How long will it take?

As long as I am consistent in training and diet, I suspect it will take me around 16-20 weeks to complete the transformation.

What will I be doing?

I’ll continue my 5 day split regimen of lifting, and add in about 30 minutes of cardio each day. The most important aspect of my transformation will be my diet, which will consist of tilapia, brown rice, cottage cheese, steamed vegetables, protein shakes, and protein meal replacement bars.

What about the beard?

I’ll be taking some biotin to help out beard growth too. I don’t know what to expect though since I’ve never had a beard, but my facial hair grows pretty quick.

What about your head?

Well, I wish I could grow hair there. Given that, I’ll keep it shaved.


9/8/2014: Weigh-In

Weight: 230.8
Waist: 40″


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