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The Omron HR-210 is a strapless heart rate monitor watch. Heart rate monitor watches are valuable tools for getting the most out of your aerobic and cardio workouts by helping to ensure you stay within your target heart rate zone. They can also be useful for increasing motivation, because they will help you track your improvements in many areas, such as resting heart rate and time required for your heart rate to return to normal after working out. The HR-210 offers many heart rate tracking features at an affordable price (under $30 on Amazon, with free shipping).

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Features of the Omron HR-210 Strap-Free Heart Rate Monitor Watch:

  • No strap required for extra convenience and ease of use
  • Fast and easy sensor technology: touch the metal face with two fingers and get a reading in as little as 6 seconds
  • Visual and audio alerts: programmable to warn you when your heart rate is too high or too low for your target zone
  • Tracks calories burned
  • Stopwatch, clock, alarm and calender built in
  • Water resistant
  • Lithium battery and instruction manual included
  • Limited 1 year warranty
  • Available on Amazon for just under $30 (as of the writing of this article)

The Good

Omron HR-210 Front ViewThe Omron HR-210 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch has a lot of fans who are glad to have something easier to use than a chest strap. These customers report that it is easy and convenient to use by just placing two fingers on the sensors that are around the face of the watch and getting a reading a few seconds later. They are very pleased with the ability to just wear it on their wrist; some say they like wearing it all day and taking their heart rate even when not working out. A large number of users state they have compared the readings from the HR-210 and found them to be consistent with other heart rate monitors they own. The display, with large legible numbers, is also mentioned as a positive by people who own this device.

Most important, many people find that they are able to push themselves to workout harder and reach fitness goals faster through using this heart rate monitor. Motivation is very important in any exercise program, and the HR-210 offers several features that will give a user additional impetus to reach their goals. If you know your heart rate is in a safe range, you can push a little harder. When you feel ready to collapse, but you glance at the calories burned display and see you are just a little short of your goal, you will find the energy to keep going. It is easy to understand why a heart rate monitor watch such as the Omron HR-210 is a very useful tool for your fitness regime, and why many people consider having one to be indispensable.

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The Bad

It seems possible that Omron has a quality control issue with producing the HR-210 because several users report that their monitor never worked or stopped working in only a few months. Others felt that the readings were inaccurate or inconsistent. Apparently the device can be sensitive to such factors as sweat or high temperatures, and as some users reported it will not work consistently under these conditions. Also, if you have thick arm hair, you may need to wear the monitor on the inside instead of the outside of your wrist, as some owners said the hair on their wrist interfered with the monitor being able to detect the heart rate. Finally, a few people had problems with the watch fitting their wrist, but every one of these did mention that they have unusually large or small wrists.

Depending on your needs, the HR-210 may not have all the features you desire. It does not continuously read or display your heart rate, and you may need to pause in your workout to get a reading. It does not calculate your average heart rate, or what percentage of your maximum heart rate you are at. It does not have a pedometer function. Some very high-end devices even use Bluetooth to connect compatible devices to calculate speed, distance and pace, or import the data into your favorite fitness app, and the HR-210 does none of that.

The Verdict

Omron’s HR-210 Strapless Heart Rate Monitor Watch is overall liked by users. The biggest drawback is the issues that appear to be related to quality control. However, since this device is covered by a 1-year warranty, if you are unfortunate enough to get one of the bad apples, you should be able to get it repaired or get a replacement. Omron also offers consumer support that will help you troubleshoot over the phone, just in case it is user error rather than a defective unit.

Most people will find the Omron HR-210 Heart Rate Monitor Watch has enough features for their needs- at a very affordable price. As an example of a high-end model, take a look at the Mio Alpha strapless heart rate monitor. Mio’s device offers a continuous heart rate display and several other features the HR-210 lacks, including Bluetooth. However, the Mio Alpha is priced at nearly $200. Unless you have a true need for one of those advanced features, you’ll be much better off purchasing the HR-210 and using your savings for another fitness product such as a good pair of running shoes.

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor, the Omron HR-210 is a great one to try. It has all the features most people will need, the strapless convenience, and a very affordable price.

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