Omron HJ-320 Pedometer

Omron HJ-320 Tri-Axis Pedometer

The Omron HJ-320 Tri-Axis Pedometer counts the steps of any individual using the device. Doctors recommend walking 10,000 steps per day, and there is no way to keep track of it without a pedometer.

It has numerous features that are beneficial to users and are more useful than its competitors. The device has numerous features that attract users to buy the product. Some of the most important features include the ability to track two types of steps and also the ability to track distance. There is an automatic reset daily at midnight like other devices, and it will store up to seven days of information.

These are just a few reasons why customers continue to buy the Omron HJ-320 when there are so many other competitors online. The device was introduced a few years ago and is currently being sold for approximately $14.00.

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  • Two Tracking Modes for Tracking Steps and Distance
  • Automatic Reset Each Day
  • Includes Holder
  • Will Store Up to Seven Days of Information
  • Informs You When You Reach Your Goal
  • Silent
  • Discreet
  • Works on Ellipticals and Treadmills
  • Sleek Footprint
  • Lightweight

The Good

Omron HJ-320 Color OptionsThis device records steps accurately, and it will also convert them to calories and distance. The sensor technology is what allows the pedometer to count each step more accurately. All the information recorded on a daily basis can be totaled and added for the week.

The device is small and discreet. It’s about the length of three quarters placed side by side and has a thickness equivalent to three to four quarters stacked on top of each other. The device, for most people, is smaller and more lightweight than you would expect. The pedometer should be positioned in an area where it’s comfortable for you on your hip.

The sensor technology will count each and every step with the pendulum design. When you’re done walking for the day, the automatic reset will clear the day’s recordings at midnight. When you awake in the morning, you’re ready to start fresh and new counting yoru daily steps and distance.

One of the best features is that it can store up to seven days of data. This allows you to track your progress over the week. Many people love this feature because it helps them stay motivated. Many people use the device when cross-training, and it’s quite effective. The device is digital, which makes it easier to read.

The device features an exercise log, which is beneficial to people who want to work out. There is also a replaceable battery, which is convenient for most people who don’t want to change the battery frequently.

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The Bad

For some people, the display is too small. They cannot read it, and it’s not as user-friendly as they would like. However, this seems to come from a people who are technologically-challenged. Since this is the case, you may want to try it before you commit to the device.

It’s accurate, but not perfect. Sometimes, when the device is traveling in a vehicle, it will record a few extra steps. This is what’s bad about the product. The device also does not have a heart rate display and is not compatible with the operating system of a laptop or desktop. This is why it’s not as desirable as some other devices.

The instructions are also not as clearly written as some users would like, but it’s not complicated enough to deter the masses from buying the product. Try the product and make your own assessment of its usability.

The Verdict

The device is slim and streamline. It is three inches by 1.75 inches by 0.4 inches in size. It accurately tracks steps even when a vehicle is in motion. This is not true of other devices in its class.

Most people say the device is well worth the money. After dropping the device in the snow and it stayed for several months until the weather improved, it still worked. It’s fairly waterproof and have superior recording technology. The tri-axis sensor technology is also impressive and can record steps in virtually any position.

Most people who purchase this product are pleased. They recognize that they cannot keep track of the steps daily, and a pedometer is what they need to make the process more logical and reasonable. A pedometer is a good invesment for anyone who is health conscious and wants to preserve their health over the long term.

For most people, the investment is worth the results that they get. No longer will you have to guess if you’ve walked 10,000 steps in one day. You’ll know because the Omron pedometer will tell you in the format that works best for you.

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