Omron Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

Omron Altiva Ultimate Pedometer

This product is a digital pedometer that uses tri-axis technology to track steps taken each day over the course of one week. This pedometer, the Omron Alvita Ultimate, was released in 2013 and is an upgrade from Omron’s previous HJ-112 pedometer. It features the ability to track aerobic steps, calories burned, and distance walked. The Omron Alvita Ultimate can even take in account the user’s height and weight to establish correct exercise statistics. It also has a built in battery saving mode (that includes a low battery alert) to prevent potential loss of data. This pedometer comes in the color gray and is currently available for the price of $29.75. Whether this model of pedometer sinks or floats, however, will have to be examined.

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Features include:

  • Tri-axis technology for increased accuracy
  • Smaller and more lightweight than previous models
  • Auto adjust to stride length
  • Calculates and stores distance walked each day
  • Aerobic mode included for additional workout
  • Calculates calories burned
  • Auto reset each night at midnight

The Good

Omron Altiva Ultimate Size ComparisonAs an item that is kept on you at all times, the overall size of a pedometer can make or break the value of a product. The bulkier the design is, the harder it is to manage and fit into holsters and pockets. This is one of the chief areas that the Omron Alvita Ultimate succeeds. The pedometer stands out from the pack because of its smaller and sleeker design. The dimensions of the pedometer are noticeably smaller than most others out on the market. This makes the Alvita Ultimate stand out from other potential buys.

In addition to the smaller design, Omron has included a sliding battery case in the back of the Alvita Ultimate. This has completely eliminated the hassle of tiny screws and screwdrivers. This simple design should be included in every model of pedometer in the future. It provides easy access for swapping the battery out after it has been drained.

That is, if the battery actually becomes drained at some point. With the longer lasting battery life and the fact that the pedometer powers down its display, the battery life lasts extremely long. It can last as long as six months with 14 hours per day use. That’s quite a bit of time from a single use battery. If you factor in additional batteries, power usage will never become a problem.

Other stand out features include the easy resetting capabilities of the Alvita Ultimate. The pedometer resets your steps for you automatically each night at midnight. This feature stands out in comparison to other models that must be reset manually using a small needle in the back of the device. It eliminates the hassle of attempting to do this yourself. Plus, with its ability to store data, you can always review yesterday’s steps if you have forgotten.

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The Bad

The primary concern with this pedometer is the accuracy. The tri-axis technology was meant to improve step counting accuracy, but the Alvita Ultimate still proves to be inaccurate at times. It runs the risk for under calculating the amount of steps you take each day. Perhaps this involves the stride setting that can be programed into the device, but the pedometer reliably runs a small degree under the steps of other devices.

This accuracy issue constitutes one of the only flaws with this device. It seems that all other areas operate correctly and perform well. The accuracy can seem to fluctuate daily between correct and incorrect. This inaccuracy may also be attributed to the display powering off as a part of the extended battery life plan. It is possible that at times during the powering off, the device may not register steps taken correctly.

The Verdict

Omron Altiva Ultimate with Face Plate AttatchedOverall, I believe this pedometer is worth the price. You are getting a sleek, clean design for an inexpensive price. It also includes the software updates from the previous HJ-112 version. These features really carry the Alvita Ultimate into the ‘Buy’ category.

The accuracy and precision is the only criteria holding this model back. Looking at the other potential models, such as the previous HJ-112 or HJ-321, the accuracy of step counting fails in comparison. The inaccuracy counts as a strike against it. This problem could have been traced to a setting (such as stride length) being set incorrectly. However, this also could have just as easily been attributed to the display not registering in its powered-off state.

Even with this inaccuracy possibility in mind, the Alvita Ultimate is a worthy successor to the HJ-112. It offers the quality of Omron in its updated form. The sliding battery cover is a life-saver for people seeking accessibility in a pedometer. For the price of $29.75, you can’t beat the multi-mode, auto reset capabilities of this pedometer. The Alvita Ultimate Pedometer from Omron is a float.

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