Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Nike+ SportWatch GPS powered by TomTom

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is an ambitious foray into GPS watches by one of the most recognizable names in the sports world. The watch is a high-end piece of equipment, with a rechargeable lithium battery, water resistance and the ability to track GPS accurately whether indoors or outdoors. The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is currently priced at only $151.14 on Amazon, and the watch has a lot of colors to choose from when purchasing the product. Consumers can choose between black, black/turquoise, black/volt, black/red, anthracite/blue glow, volt/black, white/silver and white/turquoise. With this many color choices to choose from, there’s a color scheme to fit just about anyone’s preference.

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The watch also has a great screen, and the screen comes equipped with an attractive 168 x 144 resolution. The watch is also very light in weight at 2.2 ounces, making it a very well-designed watch for running.

Additional features that make the watch stand out include:

  • Water Resistant Features
  • TomTom GPS for Providing Accurate GPS Indoors or Outdoors
  • Eight Hour Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
  • Personal Coaching Features That Inspire and Motivate
  • Nike+ Connectivity Features
  • Custom Training Programs

The Good

Nike+ SportWatch GPS displayed on an athlete's wristThe perks of choosing the Nike+ SportWatch with GPS are numerous, and the quality and care that Nike put into this product is clearly apparent. First, the watch is incredibly intuitive to use and its attractive design is sure to steal more than a few envious glances. The display also increases the aesthetic appeal of the watch, and the display is more than just a pretty face since the bright and clear to read numbers and text make the watch menus easier to navigate than competing GPS watches.

The battery life is also outrageously good, lasting an entire eight hours on a full charge. For marathon runners or people that want to take the watch on a hike, this kind of battery life is invaluable. Still, this is largely a runners’ watch and for runners, the Nike+ sensor can be game changing. Many GPS sensors are only capable of tracking accurately outdoors, but this watch is capable of delivering exceedingly accurate data tracking even when indoors. Of course, when winter strikes it is difficult for many runners to exercise outdoors, so it is great to see a GPS watch that can cater to their data tracking needs even when runs need to be brought indoors.

Another benefit of choosing this watch is that it integrates easily with the popular Nike+ app. This app allows Nike users to connect to millions of other runners around the world, and even finds the most popular places to run in the immediately surrounding areas. Pace and distance times are also incredibly accurate which is to be expected for a watch of this caliber. Still, it is great to know that the watch didn’t miss the little details going for the flashy flourish. Rest assured, this product hits all the right notes on the basic too.

Very aesthetic – it is an incredibly good looking watch, and Nike has always been a company that matches stylish apparel and accessories with great performance. That is the case here as well. The great looks and incredible performance features and the exceedingly fun Nike+ app and personal coach make the product more than worth the cost.

Finally, another fun feature of the watch is the personal coach feature. This tool allows users to be inspired by completing goals, setting targets, being reminded to go on a scheduled run and so much more. Individual runs can all be tracked over time, and the tool will learn the trends of the runner. Ultimately, this results in the tool being able to give tips and advice that ensures the runner is training properly. All things considered, the tool works incredibly well and is some of the most fun runners can have with a GPS watch.

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The Bad

When talking about the disadvantages, a couple reviewers on Amazon claim that the face of the watch fogs up easily, the customer service isn’t very good, and sometimes it’s hard for the watch to pick up GPS signals. As for the issue with customer service, you can usually take it to a store and get better support. Nike is always improving their GPS fitness watches, but it seems that serious athletes tend to favor Garmin over Nike.

The Verdict

So, the Nike+ SportWatch GPS is certainly an expensive choice. There is no denying that. But, just as that is impossible to deny, it is equally impossible to deny that the Nike+ GPS watch is a great performer. Further, the watch is undeniably stylish, with great battery life, addicting social features and a built to last battery life. So, when considering the price tag, it is worth questioning whether a GPS watch should have cutting-edge technology and be built to last after years of use.

Realistically, the answer to that question is an obvious and emphatic yes. Viewed in this way, this watch is an easy purchase over cheaper watches that are likely to break or wear down over time, all while coming equipped with fewer compelling features. In short, any serious runner that makes an investment in this watch will be very glad that they did so for years to come.

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