MusclePharm Combat Powder

Muscle Pharm Combat Powder Advanced Time Release Protein

Looking to get cut while building muscle? MusclePharm Combat Powder is one of the many time release protein powders on the market today. Available in two sizes and multiple flavors, it is also a super food, aiding in more than just muscle building. With different amino acids designed to release at different intervals for 8 hours, your muscles are “trickle fed” from both milk- and egg-derived sources. MusclePharm Combat also comes with a digestive enzyme blend for ease of absorption. On sale for $31.94 for the 2 pound container and $49.87 for the 4 pound, the largest sports a price that equals less than one dollar per serving.

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  • 25g of protein per serving
  • 9 different flavors
  • Precision engineered protein concentrates
  • Great taste and not too sweet
  • Trickle feeds muscles for up to 8 hours

The Good

By using a wide variety of proteins and other ingredients, the Combat Powder is engineered to be more than just a high dose of protein. Whey protein isolate and partially hydrolyzed whey protein are used for rapid amino acid absorption. Micellar casein is digested slowly for aminos as well as used for protecting muscle tissue from breaking down over time. Egg albumen is used for its high count of BCAAs and arginine, contributing to hormone production and muscle building. A digestive enzyme blend of 60mg is added to aid in protein digestion and absorption. Finally, additional BCAAs l-leucine, l-isoleucine and I-valine are add to maintain, repair and build muscle tissue while the addition of glutamine aids in maintaining a healthy immune system while fortifying muscle building.

MusclePharm Combat Powder Supplement Facts

The wide variety of ingredients guarantees that it stays true to its claim that it lasts 8 hours. By combining such quickly digested aminos with those longer to process, the body maintains a muscle-building environment for repairing and building to occur for much longer. Its mixture is scientifically fortified with protein and finely-tuned for nutrient utilization. Where most protein powders are strictly protein, MusclePharm’s blend takes into account the processing steps that occur and utilize ingredients that assist that. Many have reported great muscle gain over a 2 to 3 month period by regularly taking the recommended daily amounts and combining that with regular exercise.

With flavors consisting of banana cream, chocolate peanut butter, orange creamsicle, s’mores, chocolate milk, cookies n cream, vanilla, triple berry and cinnamon bun, the Combat Powder has one of the largest flavor varieties of its competitors. None are too sweet, and all have been reported to taste delicious. It mixes very easily and a popular thing to do is mix two different flavors for something new. You can mix it with water, milk, juice and even cold coffee. To add even more to the combination, fruits such as bananas and strawberries can be blended with it to add a dash of real sugar flavor. It also does not give you a bloated feeling that many other protein powders can leave you with.

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The Bad

The packaging is deceptive. The container is far larger than it should be so when it is opened, it looks as though you are only getting half of what was paid for. It does weight the correct amount, however. It also only comes in two sizes. This is a serious impediment for those that want to try the product without spending a lot of money.

Also, the mix does cause nausea, headaches and sweats in a fair number of people. Because of its usage of egg albumen, or egg whites, there are people who are slightly allergic to the composition. While digestible by most, keep this fact in mind before purchasing the 4 pound container.

Optimum Nutrition Gold 100% Whey Protein is an almost identical alternative and mixes easier with liquids. It also boasts a larger selection of flavors. Though MusclePharm does use a scientifically derived combination of ingredients, none are certified through the GMP and therefore cannot claim 100% quality assurance for all of the raw materials used.

Because it uses and artificial sweetener to keep the amount of sugar used low, those not used to an artificial taste will possibly think the mixture is overly sweet. If so, it would be a safer investment to go with a competitor that either uses no sugar or real sugar.

The Verdict

Though potentially allergy inducing and possibly disgusting in its sweetness, MusclePharm Combat Protein is a formula that builds muscle while cutting fat. Its optimized mixture is designed to not only build muscle but help with the absorption of the amino acids as well as protect and strengthen the muscles themselves. Available in numerous flavors, the 8 hour release effects have shown proven results for body builders after advised use for a 2 to 3 month timespan. Optimum Nutrition Gold 100% Whey Protein, though comparable in composition and price, is a completely different type of protein best used on wake up and post-workout.

For builders that do not have time to drink protein shakes at different intervals during the day, using MusclePharm to keep the muscles progressing while at work is a great benefit. It has a good flavor, promotes muscle gain and a healthy immune system and lasts all day. As far as price is concerned, it is a good deal cheaper than its competitors, and if you’re looking for an affordable protein powder, it is a great brand to choose.

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