Livestrong LS15.0E Elliptical

Livestrong Fitness LS15.0E Elliptical Trainer

The Livestrong Fitness LS15.0E Elliptical Trainer is a quality fitness elliptical trainer. It provides a challenging fitness program and different workouts, and its energy saving features makes it helpful for saving on the electricity bill. It has been available since 2012, and it is one of the best to elliptical trainers on the market today because of how it has extremely new and unique features like the MaxTone Gel Pedals for the feet.

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The Good

Let’s explore the LS15.0E Elliptical and review some of the pros of the machine:

  • Fitness Journal

There is an integrated fitness journal that tracks all of your workouts and how long you workout. This makes it easy to find out what you have been doing and how much work you’re putting in. It’s always helpful knowing that each workout is being timed to look back to for future reference.

  • MaxTone Gel Pedals

Do you hate running on ellipticals that hurt the feet? These specifically have features of gel pedals for the feet. The soles of the feet can really hurt at times depending on the shoes, but you don’t have to worry about that now because these gel pads are extremely helpful. They avoid dealing with pain in the soles and also providing extra strength for pedaling.

  • HD Touchscreens

There is an HD touchscreen on the very top of this that allows you to enjoy making adjustments with ease. It provides amazing customer feedback with lightning customization. This makes it super easy on anyone who wants to workout and make quick changes with a touch of a button.

  • Energy Saver

The Energy Saver feature is a strong addition to this elliptical trainer. It lowers the electrical bill because it doesn’t waste up any electricity at random. Since you so need to plug this in every time you use it, you don’t have to worry about anything regarding an expensive power bill.

  • Big Storage While Working Out

The additional storage in the counter for your stuff is very helpful. It can hold your phone, water bottle, and an MP3 player. It is such an easy to use storage, and the space is protected so items don’t fall out while exercising.

  • Removable Arms

If you want to workout without using the arms that move with your movements then consider running without the arms. The removable arms allow you to run without holding onto anything for a more rigorous workout.

  • Great In Size

It measures at 31 by 63 by 75. It is quite small in size but still offers good exercise because of the 20-inch stride length, so you can extend your legs very far back. You never have to worry about it not fitting in a small space since it is quite good for most living rooms and fitness rooms.

  • Maximum Weight

Its maximum weight of 350 pounds makes it super easy for those at this weight because of the weight limit. It can handle people of 350 pounds, so this makes it super easy for anyone at this weight.

Livestrong LS15.0E Elliptical LCD Display

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The Bad

Now let’s take a quick look at the cons of the Livestrong LS15.0E Elliptical Trainer:

  • Heavy

It is very heavy in order to bring it to another spot in the home. If an elliptical is very heavy like this at 200+ lbs., it can be hard to bring it to another place. However, while it isn’t that lightweight, it is only heavy so it can accommodate users of almost all weight sizes.

  • Routines Can Fluctuate

Sometimes when working out the resistance can go higher on an accidental tough since it is a touchscreen. This makes it harder for those who don’t want to have too much resistance, but this could be solved by simply being careful on what you touch.

The Verdict

The Livestrong Fitness LS15.0E Elliptical Trainer is a strong piece of fitness equipment that can enhance your health. It does have some downsides, but the overall benefits of gaining a strong elliptical that is safe and durable overrides the downsides. Its got a one button quick start, quick in incline and resistance buttons, and multiple workouts for maximum weight loss. It is a worthwhile elliptical that’s perfect for anyone who wants to shed some fat and lose weight.

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