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Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill Review

Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill

The Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill is comfortable to use and compact enough to be the perfect piece for anyone’s home gym. This model folds up to a space saving size, yet still handles a user weight of 325 pounds. As a sturdy treadmill, this design offers several cardio workouts with ergonomic features that reduce wear and tear to the body. Livestrong Fitness, partnered with Johnson Health Tech, brought this model out in 2012. It currently sells on Amazon for $1,999.00.

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The Good

  • This treadmill offers one a challenging cardio workout without leaving home. The many ergonomic features found in its design will reduce wear and tear to the body.
  • Sturdy performance is made possible by a welded steel frame that has very few parts. The console mast is oversized in order to prevent any swaying movements from the treadmill.
  • Because of this machine’s simple design, it is easily assembled in 30 minutes.
  • All workout info is organized in an extra wide, brightly lit display. Changes can be made with a touch of a button. The built in journal and motivating track display allows one to see their progress.
  • This treadmill includes the manufacturer’s warranties against workmanship and defective parts. A lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, three years on parts, and one year on labor are all included.
  • Several fitness programs come with this model. Among them one will find muscle toning, manual, weight loss, strength building, peak intervals, speed intervals, climbs, 5K, and 10K programs.
  • The space saving folding frame is convenient and functional. It measures 35 by 63 by 72 inches when extended with a 20 by 55 inch running area. When folded, it measures 35 by 63 by 43.
  • The energy saver feature will reduce the power draw in order to conserve electricity.
  • The fans are fully adjustable and powerful enough to keep the user cool.
  • Built in shelf to hold a tablet allows the user the ability to watch programs and movies on their mobile device.

Livestrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 LCD Display

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The Bad

  • The electronics have been known to go out prematurely. This is a common complaint found among those who have reviewed the model. The screen will keep going back to the starting page. In these circumstances, a Living Fitness tech is sent out to do the necessary repairs, but this can take up to two weeks.
  • There is a delay when hitting the HIIT button. Speeding up or slowing down after hitting it is slow.
  • The built in shelf for holding a tablet is set a little low. It can make watching shows or movies a bit uncomfortable.
  • The beeping signal the unit makes when being turned on is quite loud. Many users find this to be startling and annoying.

The Verdict

The Livingstrong Fitness LS10.0T-2 Treadmill has many features that make this design ideal for the home user. Its compact design won’t take up much space. The smaller footprint doesn’t mean the user has to sacrifice quality. This treadmill is sturdy and holds up well during the numerous cardio vascular programs that are included.

All of the user’s workout information is nicely organized and makes tracking their progress simple. Workouts are also made easier by the comfort provided in this unit. The Maxcomfort cushioning system reduces the chance of injuries and fatigue on the body. Comfortable grips also aid in the ease of a workout.

Reviewer’s complaints were few, and they were easily taken care of by the manufacturer. Although some users found the beeping signal loud, there is a way to adjust the sound level on this machine. Others had problems with the electronics not working properly, but Living Fitness had the problems repaired under the unit’s warranty.

Over all, this treadmill has a lot to offer for the price point. Similar models at the same cost don’t include as many features or workout program options. Users will find a sturdy, comfortable, and reliable machine in this treadmill that will help them achieve all of their weight and health goals.

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