LifeTrak C200 Core Pedometer

LifeTrak C200 Core Pedometer

The LifeTrak C200 Core is a pedometer with many additional features. A simple pedometer counts and totals the number of steps the wearer takes and these basic instruments can be purchased for a few dollars. If more features beyond simple step-counting are wanted, there are numerous products available in a wide range of prices. The LifeTrak C200 nicely balances cost, function, and appearance, and is a good choice for most exercise-conscious people. It is worn on the wrist, and looks like a sleekly designed watch rather than an electronic instrument.

The C200 Core, manufactured by Salutron and first marketed in January of 2013, is readily available through Amazon, and is priced in the $49.95 to $59.99 range. It weighs about 8 ounces, which is a little heavier than most conventional watches. It measures approximately 6.7” x 3.9” x 2.6”. In addition to counting steps, the C200 also tracks heart rate, calories burned, and distance traveled.

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  • Patented DCC (Dynamic Distance Calibration) to gauge the distance of each step, not just the number of steps
  • Proprietary ESF (Enhanced Step Filtering) factors out calibration from non-walking activities such as riding a bike or driving a car
  • Heart Rate Monitor that does not require a chest strap
  • Counts calories burned based on integrated data from heart rate monitor as well as activity level, giving a more accurate count
  • Fully submersible to a depth of 90 feet
  • Statistics can be monitored by the hour, the day, or the week
  • Programmable goal values for number of steps, distance traveled, or calories burned
  • Features a backlight for readability in low light situations.

The Good

LifeTrak C200 Core BandThis pedometer is very reasonably priced, considering its features. In addition to the prices mentioned above, some online vendors list a price of only $31.50. Some activity monitors have prices in the $100 – $200 range, making the C200 a very good value.

Accuracy is achieved through personalized data. The user will enter birth date, weight, height, and gender. A sensitivity monitor can be set to aid in calibrating step counting.

The unit is attractive and stylish. It looks like a watch and can be worn all day in any setting. The C200 can be purchased in several color combinations – black and white, orange and white, pistachio green and white are three choices. Additional straps in bright shades of raspberry, orange, yellow, blue, and green are available for purchase, and changing the straps is easily done.

The C200 is simple to set-up and program using three easily accessed buttons and scrolling menus.

Time can be measured in 12-hour or 24-hour modes, and dates can be displayed in American (mm/dd/yy) or European (dd/mm/yy) format.

The C200 runs on a watch battery that typically lasts a year or longer, so there is no need to charge it daily. The manufacturer suggests taking the C200 to a jeweler to have the battery replaced.

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The Bad

The biggest drawback is that the C200 has no Blue Tooth functions and cannot be connected with other electronics. (Later models have this feature.) Data is stored in the C200’s memory for a week. Once the 7-day period ends, the data is lost. Any long-term data tracking must be done manually.

The step counter is based on arm movement. It is possible that non-walking actions, such as reaching out to pick up an item might be counted as a step. The sensitivity monitor, which can be set by the user, can somewhat alleviate this problem.

It does not track sleep patterns and does not have an alarm function.

The unit comes with a ‘Quick Start Guide’ only, not a detailed used manual. Some time may be required to explore and understand all the features, but the menu system is simple and intuitive.

The band is adjustable but only up to a point. Women or teens with very small wrists might have trouble making the band fit properly. Also, the bands are made of stiff plastic and therefore hard to put on and may be uncomfortable for some wearers.

The Verdict

The C200 does not offer a few features that more expensive activity trackers do. Some comparable models, such as the FitBit, include sleep tracking and have wireless connectivity, but are priced in the $100 range. Another popular activity monitor, the FuelBand from Nike, at $100, is much less good-looking, and offers little additional functionality.

The LifeTrak C200 Core is a useful and reliable tool for anyone who wants to work on improving his or her fitness level but does not want to spend hundreds of dollars. The interface is simple – the user needs only to press buttons and scroll through menus – and usability is a major advantage. More expensive models offer more features, but the learning curve may be too steep for the user who wants to strap on the tracker and get right into exercising. It might not be the best choice for elite or Olympic-level athletes, but the C200 is a good entry-level model for beginner to mid-level exercisers.

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