LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill

LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Compact Treadmill

The LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Fold-N-Stor Compact Treadmill was introduced in 2010 and updated in 2014. It features a blue LCD screen that helps the user keep track of her running speed, how many calories she has burned and how far she has run. This treadmill by LifeSpan is incredibly user-friendly and can be set up in a matter of minutes. It has a minimalist design but still offers the user maximum comfort. It measures 30.5 inches wide, 51.5 inches tall and 60.5 inches long. It costs just $699.99, making it a good basic treadmill for people who want to improve their fitness but do not want to commit to a gym membership or buy an overly complicated piece of equipment.

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The Good

  • The treadmill folds down completely when it is not being used. It can even be stored under a bed, in a closet or flush against a wall. It is ideal for people who do not have the floor space to devote exclusively to gym equipment.
  • Walking and running are enjoyable on this treadmill. It has a headphone port and speakers built right into it. The user can dock an MP3 player securely into the port.
  • The user can measure his or her heart rate simply by holding onto the grips on the handlebar in front of the LCD monitor. There are no other devices to manage; the workout can progress without hindrance.
  • The treadmill is portable, so workouts can continue even during vacations. It can be easily moved from room to room to accommodate home redecorations.
  • It requires absolutely no assembly. It can be used straight out of the box.
  • The incline and speed can be quickly and easily adjusted with the buttons on the user console.
  • There are several pre-programmed speed and incline settings that make it easy for the user to become accustomed to being active before developing her own customized routine.
  • There are also six full workouts programmed into the treadmill’s computer system.
  • Users praise this treadmill for its versatility. People who live in small apartments or condos are especially big fans of this piece. It is said to be a good choice for people who work from home and already struggle to make room for home office spaces. They consider this treadmill a good way to add a gym element to a small space without creating clutter or cutting into floor space that is needed for other things. One does not have to dedicate a whole separate room to gym equipment; this treadmill can be set up in a different place every day.
  • The frame is guaranteed for the life of the unit, and the motor is guaranteed for five years.

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The Bad

  • This treadmill is slightly bulkier than other slimline treadmills on the market.
  • The motor and computerized elements are also bigger than might be expected.
  • This is not a treadmill for serious athletes or committed distance runners. It is for people who want to do a bit of light walking or running for 20 or 30 minutes every day.
  • There is only a one-year warranty on basic repairs.
  • The moving belt is prone to jerky movements after prolonged use. This can be fixed by lubricating the belt and using it on an incline, but not everyone wants to run exclusively uphill.
  • The treadmill starts to emit an odor after about 20 minutes of use. The machinery cannot handle intense, sustained workouts.
  • There are no arm components. A user who would like to tone his or her arms has to use free weights or another piece of gym equipment.

The Verdict

The LifeSpan Fitness TR200 Fold-N-Stor Compact Treadmill would be a good first treadmill for someone who wants to make small, healthy changes to his or her lifestyle. It does not provide a well-rounded, full-body exercise plan, nor is it suitable for people who intend to compete beyond the amateur level. This unit is for people who want to burn calories, build some muscle tone and then tuck their treadmills away for the rest of the day.

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