LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretching Machine

LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretch Partner Stretching Machine

Introduced to the market in early 2007, the LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretch Partner Stretching Machine combines new and innovative technologies with standard, yet reliable, features. These features include a flip-book and video that displays a wealth of different types of stretches, as well as a pivot system that is utilized to improve stretching capabilities and a sturdy steel frame. As can be found on for 499.99, this stretching machine works well to keep users in shape and help build muscle over time, while also relaxing muscles and improving the general flexibility and posture of a person.

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The Good

  • The video and stretching guides that are included with the machine are exceedingly useful in covering the primary stretching exercises that can be integrated into a standard workout routine, which is particularly beneficial for beginners to these types of programs. Users will find that the actual guide book that can be placed at the head of the stretching machine covers a total of 18 stretches, all with comprehensive diagrams, while the instructional video educates on all the ways to stimulate each distinct muscle group through stretches.
  • Though the stretching machine weighs in at a relatively light 70 pounds, it is able to carry a weight of 300 pounds, which is particularly sturdy for a stretching machine of this kind. This is accomplished through the usage of a frame made entirely from steel. Though it doesn’t weigh much, the machine is also adept to transportability, due to the attachable wheels that are included with it.
  • The pivoting system included with this stretching machine, known as the Flex-Smart system, allows for much more flexibility during workout routines, as it helps to add more than 10″ of stretching movement in comparison to a similar stretching machine.
  • The residential warranty that comes with the machine is a lot stronger than many warranties for similar exercise machines, as the 5-year frame, 1-year parts and 90-day upholstery warranty covers any possible damages for a lengthy period of time.
  • The SP1000 stretching machine works well to stretch a number of areas throughout the body, such as the hamstring, shoulder and back areas. It can even help to soothe pain in those areas with consistent use.

Stretching with the Lifespan SP1000 Stretching Machine

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The Bad

  • While the seat and knee placements on the stretching machine are of a decent build quality, they aren’t quite as comfortably cushioned as they are on many competitors machines. This is not typically bothersome, but could become a minor annoyance should the machine be used for a lengthy period of time in one workout.
  • Users with a taller than average height may find that they have to maneuver around a bit to get a good feel for the machine. However, this shouldn’t be a lasting complaint, as it likely won’t take too long to adjust to the 49″ x 29″ x 38″ dimensions.
  • The design of the handlebar can be a positive or negative feature, depending solely on taste. Many similar stretching machines utilize a single fixed pole that doesn’t move when stretching. However, this machine uses a pole consisting of 2 segments with a hinge separating them. This makes way for some movement when pulling the handles during stretches. For some, this allows for greater flexibility in their exercises. For others, it’s merely a nuisance that can distract during a workout.


Whether you’re looking to build core muscles or simply searching for a machine that can utilize gentle stretches to heal a muscle injury or soreness, the gray/black LifeSpan Fitness SP1000 Stretching Machine utilizes its flexible pivot system and a wealth of comprehensive stretching routines to deliver an experience that is well worth the money. While this grey/black stretching machine may not be quite up to the level of the Precor 240i stretching machine, it is a much better value at almost $200 cheaper with nearly the same features between the two. While there are some typical drawbacks towards buying this machine, the positives, such as the light weight and extensive stretching capabilities, far outweigh those niggling issues.

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