LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout Review

LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout

Using ingredients backed by scientific literature that is added at clinically effective doses, LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout focuses on reducing fatigue, increasing energy and blood flow, improving muscular endurance and sharpening mental focus during your workout.

After thorough research, safe compounds proven to deliver great results were isolated and combined to craft a delicious drink free from artificial sweeteners, dyes, and unnecessary fillers.

It is specifically designed to keep you going strong throughout the entire workout by fighting off fatigue and providing you a continual energy boost. One of the few powders available in only one flavor, it is a high-end mixture with just as many high ratings.

Features of the Legion Pulse Pre Workout





  • Contains no artificial sweeteners, dyes or unnecessary fillers
  • 100% scientifically derived
  • Made from caffeine, theanine, citrulline malate, beta alanine, ornithine, and betaine
  • Provides long-lasting rush of energy
  • Designed to increase endurance
LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout

Legion Pulse Pre-Workout

​LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout focuses on reducing fatigue, increasing energy and blood flow, improving muscular endurance and sharpening mental focus during your workout.

Editor's Rating

The Good

The absolute best part about Pulse is its natural design and the scientific references to prove their claims.

Unlike the other “scientifically engineered” products on the market, this is one of the very few that backs up their formula with research. Along with science, it is also completely natural, cutting out all unnecessary and unnatural ingredients.

Pulse Pre-workout aims to give users a completely transparent product that they can trust.

LEGION Pulse Supplement Facts

Its composition of caffeine, theanine, citrulline malate, beta alanine, ornithine and betaine is built around the main goal of providing you with continued high energy throughout the whole workout while fighting off fatigue.

Caffeine is one of the most well-known stimulants on the market and, in effective doses, can also increase muscle endurance and strength.

Theanine is an amino acid mostly from tea that augments caffeine in a way that reduces stress, increases production of nitric oxide and improves alertness and mood.

Citulline malate was chosen over its counterpart l-arginine because it is better absorbed and results in higher levels of arginine, resulting in improved endurance.

Ornithine plays a key role in positively affecting your physical performance capacity.

Beta-alanine is naturally occurring and reduces fatigue and improves anaerobic exercise quality.

Finally, betaine, found in beets, increases strength, improves muscle endurance and increases growth hormone and growth facter1 production.The container itself is filled completely, and the taste is one of the best out there.

Though it does contain caffeine, users report there is absolutely no crash afterward. Its effects last, and mostly everyone that tries it reports fantastic gains. Half servings also contain a full dose of all of the ingredients, allowing this product to last longer.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the biggest drawback is the price. Compared to Cellucor C4 Extreme for example, it is one the most expensive pre-workout mixes you can buy.

Even if only a half of a scoop is consumed stretching the product out to 42 days, the price is still incredibly high.Also, many users report a tingling sensation in either their face or their hands. While it is only a minor irritant, this can be a turnoff for those that do not like any side effects with their pre-workout powder.

The energy mix is so well formulated that some people cannot calm down once they take their dose for the day. One person even turned their leg day into a back and arm day as well since they just had so much energy.

This ended up with a trip to the emergency room for overexertion, so be sure to always follow your routine and not much more. If you are plagued by energy, you want to make sure you don’t injure yourself in the process, especially if the feeling is new for you.

The Verdict

LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout is a phenomenal product for those that need energy and increased endurance during their workouts.

Formulated with a mixture backed by extensive research and made from only the best ingredients available, this is a mixture that does what it says and more. From increased gains to an extraordinary amount of energy during workouts, Pulse is high-quality formula with no post-workout crash.

Though loved and used regularly by many, there are still some issues to be wary of. The enormous energy upswing can really take you by surprise and make you think you should do far more than you’re ready to so know your limitations and stick to them while working out with this.

Also, it causes itchy skin in about half of the people that take it. The effects do not last long, but they can be disconcerting. Finally, it is expensive. Because it uses only natural ingredients, it is not cheap to make and you end up paying for the quality.

While a great product, it may not be the best choice for those just starting out without a lot of knowledge on what they need before a pre-workout.

A solid product with a steep price tag, LEGION Pulse Pre-Workout is worth every penny for a clean mix that gives you long lasting energy.​

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