Klipsch Image X7i

Klipsch Image X7i

Klipsch has developed an exceptional reputation for designing and building high-quality headsets, and the Klipsch Image X7i is no exception. The sleek ceramic design of the X7i sets it apart from other headphones in its price range, which is $149.98. The ceramic design also ensures that the headset in strong and durable. The X7i would not be Klipsch Image worthy without the high quality sound that has become legendary. The set is equipped with full-range armature drivers that have the capacity to deliver exceptionally crisp highs, lucidly clear mids and deep pounding base to the ears of its listeners.

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Equipped with a three-button remote/mic, the Klipsch Image X7i offers the capacity to easily manage play lists and phone calls. With a total of five different sizes of the patented oval ear buds, there is certainly sure to be a size for everyone.


  • New flat cables that are tangle resistant
  • Three-button remote that allows total voice and music control with specific Apple products
  • Ceramic design that presents aesthetic appeal and durability
  • Patented oval shaped ear buds for a snug and comfortable fit that supports optimal sound
  • Armature drivers that produce full range acoustics, providing deep bass, clear mids and crisp highs

The Good

Klipsch X7i Earbud AccessoriesThere are a number of awesome features that stand out on the Klipsch Image X7i, with the most prominent being its ceramic design. Not only does the ceramic design provide an exceptional level of aesthetic appeal, but it also creates a level of durability that is unparalleled. Additionally, the ceramic features ensure that the ear pieces are extremely light, meaning they can be worn for long periods without becoming cumbersome.

To further improve on the durability of the design, the left and right cables are conjoined at the compartment housing, minimizing the possibility of the breakage or damage near that area, which is common for headsets.

The design and style, from an aesthetic perspective, is simply extraordinary. When the extraordinary style merges with more than 66 years of quality sound heritage it culminates into a beautiful and highly functional pair of headphones that are capable of delivering premium sound while holding up to the natural wear associated with headphones. The distinctive sound quality associated with this brand allows the user to listen without limits. Where other headphones fall considerably short in the sound category, the X7i rises to the occasion.

Functionality is immensely important when it comes to the evaluating a set of headphones, and the X7i does not disappoint in the area. The three-button remote allows the user to easily manage their play list without becoming distracted. The remote can also be used to manage incoming and calls on the majority of Apple products, including the iPhone. Additionally, the unassuming shirt clip contributes to the functionality of the X7i. By having the ability to clip the cord to a shirt or blouse, the user will not have to be concerned with the mic bumping up against their body and impacting the sound, especially during phone calls.

Much in the way that the remarkable ear buds work to deliver high-quality sound. The inline mic provides an exceptional level of call clarity when engaged in a phone conversation. The tips are also effective in attenuating ambient noise. There aren’t many things as frustrating as attempting to communicate through a set of headphones in which the person on the other end cannot understand what is being said.

Another feature that most people will enjoy immensely is the tangle resistant cords. If anyone has ever had to attempt to untangle a set of headphones before, they will more than appreciate the alleviation of that nightmare.

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The Bad

One has to almost reach in order to find anything worthy of a complaint on this headphone set. Some may feel that the $150.00 price tag is a bit steep; however, when the X7i is compared to other headphones that are comparable in performance and style, it holds its own in the price category.

There have been complaints that the ear buds fall out too frequently; however, these complaints are minimal when considering the number of X7i headphones currently in circulation. For some, the bass may be a bit strong, meaning they would probably want to drop down to a model in which the base is slightly flatter that the X7i.

The Verdict

For the person that is looking for a set of high-end headphones that offer remarkable style and exceptional sound quality. The Klipsch Image X7i is capable and up to the task. The sound alone adds enough value to the set to justify the price. When the stylish design and durability are thrown into the equation, it makes the decision an easy one to make.

The ceramic finish and design, means that the headset has the durability to ensure that they will be around long enough for the user to get their money’s worth.

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