Klipsch Image S4i Rugged

Klipsch Image S4i Rugged

The Klipsch Image S4i Rugged headphones are the culmination of an all-weather design that uses tough rubber moldings to protect the high-quality sound that has become legendary with Klipsch products. At $53.23, the headphones are affordable and have a significant amount of value. The rugged design of these headphones makes them ideal for running in all types of weather without being concerned about possible damage. An extra three-button remote provides the capacity for the precision control of calls and music play on iPhones.

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The top features of the Image S4i are:

  • An all-weather design that resists moisture, making it functional in inclement conditions
  • Exceptional acoustic quality
  • Tough rubber molding provides a high level of durability
  • Highly functional remote with oversized buttons to accommodate gloves.
  • Directional mic to facilitate hands-free communication

The Good

Klipsch S4i Rugged Audio ControlsFor the serious runner or athlete that trains in all types of weather conditions, the Image 4Si provides a quality music experience in which the individual does not have to be overly concerned with the health of the headphones. Runners and athletes can become quite creative in the methods used to protect their headsets; however, the Image S4i headsets are built to endure adverse elements. Additionally, the rugged design means that the individual doesn’t have to worry about bumping into things such as weight bars.

The large button remote facilitates easy use and the precise handling of phone calls as well as the navigation through music apps, even when wearing thick gloves.

The mid-range price tag provides a viable alternative to more expensive headsets. High quality headsets can easily run up to $300.00 or more; however, the Image S4i Rugged provides quality sound and durability, meaning that the $53.00 price tag is well worth it. Those who own the S4i Rugged say that the sound quality alone makes the headset worth the price. When the rugged construction is factored into the equation, it becomes a no-brainer for the person that is seeking a mid-range replacement for their cheap headphones.

The fact that there is full integration with Apple products is definitely a plus.

For the person that is impressed with aesthetic appeal, the colorful presentation of the Image S4i will definitely reach out and grab them. They are available in blue, orange, red and yellow, meaning that the earphones can be matched with the color of the runners iPhone case, running shoes or hat if they so choose.

The buds are not oversized. In fact, they are rather small, and contain a rubberized coating that is not available on the standard S4i. The rubber coating provides the capacity to absorb more of a shock in the event that the headphones are dropped.

The slightly elliptical sound-isolating gel tips not only provide the perfect sound but the perfect fit also. The gel tips also make the S4i Rugged ideal for extending listening. Additionally, the snug fit helps with the bass response.

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The Bad

When it comes to the negatives associated with these headphones, there is not a great deal to report. There are some users who complain that the ear buds tend to fall out during serious running or training; however, these complaints are minimal percentage wise when comparing the amount of people who own them verses the amount of those who have issues with keeping the buds in their ear.

Although the remote proves the capacity for precision control, it can be slightly bulky as it hangs, and it can be a little annoying as it bumps against the body during a running session.

The Verdict

Man using Klipsch S4i HeadphonesThe Image S4i Rugged is a serious contender among the higher-end headsets on the market. For the person who is looking for a quality set of headphones while managing an active lifestyle that includes a significant amount of outdoor activity, the Image 4si Rugged is the ideal set of headphones.

The last thing a runner or in-training athlete needs is to be concerned about the health and condition of their headset in the midst of an intense session. The iPhone integration capability accentuates the functionality of this exceptional product, allowing the user to easily navigate through calls and songs effortlessly.

The performance is basically identical to the standard S4i headsets, so the acoustic quality is exceptional, especially for the price. This alone makes it worth having. When all of the other amenities are considered, it is easy to discover the value built into this durable product.

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