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Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

Kettler Coach M Rowing Machine

Last updated: August 9th 2016

The Kettler Coach M indoor rower is a luxury rowing machine produced with the quality craftsmanship and durability you’ve come to expect from German fitness machines. It features a center pull oar, manual resistance settings, and a powder coated frame that is as tough as they make them. The Coach M can be pricy, but the value of this machine goes well beyond its dollar amount.This rower made it to one of our top picks of the best rowing machine for this year. It is highly rated and touted by the fitness communities as one of the finest machines in its price range. Its frame comes with a lifetime warranty which reflects the high level of confidence that the builders have in this rower.

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The Good

The great news about this rower begins with its high resolution display. The majority of owners report it as being vibrant to read. The amount of data recorded by the rower is comprehensive to the extent of covering just about every imaginable part of your workout. It reports heart rate, energy consumption, time of the workout, and more. There is virtually nothing you won’t be able to monitor during your workout, and this pays off big by letting you track your progress without worry. That’s just the beginning of the perks.

  • Keep things fresh with 16 different exercises that are built into the design of the rower
  • A heart rate monitor is included with the rower
  • Central pull oar is sturdy and comfortable to use and creates a natural rowing motion
  • Full high resolution LCD display keeps your progress lit brightly and clearly for you as you go
  • German-built tough with a lifetime warranty on the frame

Kettler Coach M Indoor Rower

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The Bad

Customers are mostly pleased with the Coach M and give it glowing reports, but there are some things potential buyers should know before buying. The first factor usually mentioned by people who pass up this machine is the price itself. It is somewhat more expensive than other rowers, so it won’t fit into every budget. The LCD-display’s glowing reports are mixed due to the sheer amount of information on the display. Some customers report that the display has so much information it can become overwhelming to keep up with during the course of a workout. A few customers have also mentioned the resistance as being a bit less than past Kettler rowers. This is offset by the fact that the resistance goes up to 10, so even if lower resistance doesn’t work for heavy workouts, it’s possible to crank it up and get the most out of the machine’s power.

  • Some customers report that there is less resistance than older models, though these opinions aren’t what the majority of customers say
  • More expensive than other machines
  • So much information recorded that the display sometimes feels crowded during a heavy workout

The Verdict

Despite a comparatively high price tag, the Kettler Coach M rower gets an A from an overwhelming majority of customers. They love the amount of workout information displayed in a brilliant high resolution LCD display, the German workmanship that shines through in the product’s toughness, and the natural rowing motion made possible by excellent design work. The few complaints come from minor things like crowded information on the display and the price itself which isn’t affordable to everyone no matter what the quality of the machine.

This model continues to be wildly popular among those who love rowing machines. These simulate the fun of being out on the water while giving a remarkable workout that truly burns fat and inches thanks to its unique motion. The Kettler Coach M is highly recommended by customers who have the money to afford it, and the lifetime warranty on the frame is just icing on the cake for those who desire a rower that will stand the test of time and offer thousands of great workouts over the years. Kettler did this machine right, and if you can afford it then it’s well worth the price tag.

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